Various painted robots & more

Nice detail on the facial markings! I noticed the similar bases as well, it helps tie them together I feel :slight_smile:

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Finished the third and final leather jacket raider.

In addition, I’ve also converted and painted the raider power armor model! The helmet is from Brother Vinni, and the MGs (as well as the submachine gun on the previous model) are both from Anvil Industries.

Originally, I was wanting to paint the raider power armor model up like Samus’ gravity suit from Super Metroid, but I eventually decided I’d save the project for if I ever got my hands on another raider power armor model. Again, I kinda try to keep what I paint as faction-less and generic as possible so I don’t feel like I’m limited in where I can use them, at least until I’ve got a pretty solid catalog of models to pick from if I ever run an actual FOWW game anyways.

I kinda felt like taking some comparison pictures of before and after I put my final clear coat over one of my miniatures, so I did. Just something neat to see I guess.

I’m not sure what I’ll paint next. Maybe I’ll do Minutemen, or I’ll try to get through the six Assaultron models I’ve had sitting around for god knows how long. Anyways here’s a group shot of the latest additions to my collection to close this post off with:


Looking awesome! Raiders are such great conversion potential, love to see what people are doing with them :smiley:

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Finished another X-01, this time with the classic Fallout 2 Enclave colorscheme!


I also finally figured out how to properly use some of the Citadel technical paints. Turns out, for the ‘glow’ effect paints, you have to use them over a plain white base. I gotta say, the results really do pop.

Next up, here’s a raider sharpshooter:

and a pre-war APC I made out of this cheap $6 toy truck I got from a local chain store:

here’s what it looked like before I went to town on it:

and finally, marking my 50th painted miniature, here’s a Desert Ranger with the YCS-186 gauss rifle!

With those all said and done, I think I might paint some minutemen next


Love the truck! No rules yet, but make for great scenery or objective :smile:

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In celebration of my 51st miniature, I thought it’d be appropriate to paint up my first T-51b model!

For the record, I’m really not a fan of the poses the laser rifle and shishkebab T-51 guys are in. Call me a lame-o, but I prefer normal ‘standing upright and pointing weapon’ poses.

I’ve also assembled a bunch more terrain from Black Site Studios that I got in last week. These buildings are from their “Warzone Arabia” line, and I must say they’re fantastic for FoWW.

After putting all these civilian buildings together, it slowly dawned on me I’m severely lacking in civilian miniatures to populate my little hamlet with! I painted up this wandering merchant as quickly as I could, sporting a backpack I got from Victoria Miniatures.

That’s all for now!


Looking good! I like the reposed T51 :slight_smile:

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Love the conversion, worked out great!

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wow jeez, I haven’t posted in a while lol

I’ve been very hard at work this past month and 3/4ths, and there’s a lot of new stuff I’ve got to show here!

First up is my first truly massive painting project, a Revell P-61 Black Widow! I found a 1:48 kit for it for like $18 at my local Marshall’s, and I thought for that price I’d be a fool not to snag it.

Up next is two toy cars I’ve weathered down and added some extra plating to:

The plating was made from wood scraps from the Black Site Studios terrain kits. The leftover wood scrap those kits leave you with is fantastic for building your own stuff, I can’t recommend their terrain enough!

Speaking of, here’s two tables I set up using some of their terrain! The first one is a small trading post along a highway, set up right outside a vault!

Some of you might recognize it from my battle report thread :^)

This one’s a more recent table build, it’s a post-war scrapyard!

I have another battle report using this table layout that I still have yet to write up, so stay tuned!

I’m going to put my newer painted miniatures in a separate post, so to close this one off, here’s some painted 3D printed barricades!


As for miniatures I’ve painted, I’ve converted and painted half of the Minutemen box to have pipe rifles (from the weapon sprue kit and one of the supermutant models, respectively) and backpacks (from Victoria Miniatures)!

Up next is Mama Murphy! An under-used character, in my opinion. Psychic wizardry is always very cool, and it bums me out we don’t get to see any of the psyker characters in Fallout do anything cool like shoot lightning at people, or push people around with telekinesis. Mama Murphy might be a boring old mystic grandma in Fo4, but in my mind she was secretly once a powerful psychic raider warlord!

After that is the transparent bloated glowing one! This was a model I never really got around to painting last year, when I did its putrid glowing one companion from the convention exclusive pack. It might be hard to tell from the pictures, but in person it really looks like the bloaded glowing one is smiling a big happy smile :smiley:

Next is another supermutant, which I needed to bolster my supermutant models for one of the scenarios I had planned. This one is a supermutant commando, a veteran of the Master’s army who wields a chinese assault rifle (from Anvil Industries) and a large ripper!

Before I finish this post, I’d also like to post some refinements I’ve made to some of my previous models, ones that didn’t quite live up to what I was hoping for them.

The raider sharpshooter’s hands on the original model I took from the PVC Nora miniature from the starter kit, and they always kinda stuck out because it looked really blurry and crummy compared to the rest of the mini. My solution, of course, was to steal the hands from the resin Nora model and give it to the sharpshooter, along with a laser pistol, just to spice up the model a bit more.

I also went back and added some much-needed drybrushing to the Enclave X-01 model, since the layer of clear coat I put on it really screwed up the original effect I’d tried to do. Now it’s a bit more interesting to look at than before, I guess.

Finally, Ada the automatron! I don’t see enough converted and heavily customized robots, so I decided on a whim to use one of my six spare assaultron models to make my own! Using some spare bits from other conversions I’ve done, and from just little chunks taken from FoWW sprues, I think I’ve made what might be my finest work yet!

That’s all for now, I think. Until next time!


Wow! That’s a ton of stuff you have been working on! The conversion look very good and natural. I’m to much of a coward to alter my models, respect!
I especially like your Ada. Great job!

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Great stuff, keep it coming! I have that same Black Widow kit in storage somewhere. Been waiting 20+ years for me to get around to it… Like @Banquo, love the ADA, she was my go to companion in FO4!


Hello all, I return with more painted models to show off!

To start, I return with the finished version of the long-delayed medical eyebot! Some may remember I started this project a year ago, but since kinda lost interest and moved to other models. A large part of it was that the original weapon I had built for it didn’t make much since. A floating robot with an injection needle doesn’t seem like it’d be very efficient at dispensing medicine. Instead, I took an idea from Wasteland 3 and gave the medical eyebot a “stimpak dart gun”, since Wasteland 3 introduced healing darts as a throwable item, which I thought was real neat.

After that, I built a small garden plot out of a piece of cardboard and some wood scraps. A word of advice to anyone looking to do something similar: start by building a wooden frame to glue underneath the cardboard base so you don’t have to struggle with making sure the piece of cardboard lays flat on the table.

Next is a generic combat armor soldier, sporting a combat shotgun instead of the usual laser rifle the model normally has.

After that, I finished painting my third mutant hound, and since my other two were kind of lacking, I gave them some much-needed touch-ups. In addition to the bits of chain I added, I also added a bunch of blood drizzle to the mutant hound fiend, and I made it so it’s eyes glow. Very menacing.

Next is the T-51b model with the shishkebab, which I have painted as a BoS Outcast swordsman, wielding an assaultron blade and the legendary Gehenna shishkebab from New Vegas.

After that is a raider grenadier, made using those lovely little grenade pieces from the basic 40k space marine box. The grenade coloring is based off of the coloring for the different tiers of grenades in Underrail. The armor was originally a flat steel, and you can see it on the facebook and twitter post I made for this model, but I felt it was kinda boring. At the time I painted the model, however, I didn’t have any better idea for a design to paint on the armor, so I left it blank. Eventually I decided to try painting it white like the “enameled” metal armor mod from Fallout 4.

Finally, here is my second modified robot, a Rust Devil protectron. I made the plating for this one using some 40k ork bits, as well as more random pieces of FoWW resin sprue. Super easy!

That’s all for now. I hope to paint at least two more models by the end of this cursed year, so keep an eye out until then!

Oh, and happy Fallout Friday!


Love the addition of chains on the mutant hounds!


Awesome work :slight_smile:

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Nice conversion job on the Raider with the pistol - probably shooting in the air a bit more effective than just a piece of pipe ! :slight_smile:

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Those are some excellent conversions! That’s a brilliant idea to add some character to one of those “spare” Assaultrons. (I guess I could paint one up as a “PAM,” in case there are ever some Railroad models released … some day.)

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KL-E-0 ? you know you want to

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new year, new models painted!

first up, another protectron!

next, a raider in t-60:

I didn’t care much for the suit’s original laser rifle, so I replaced it with an assaultron blade. I also didn’t realize it while I was painting her, but she bears a striking resemblance to the first raider I painted:

family, perhaps?

that just about concludes the work I did in 2020. it might’ve been a terrible year, but at least I got some good painting done!

now, to kick off some of the new models I got over the holidays, here’s Cait:

since I’ve been in desperate need of new factions to play, I decided I’d get myself some creatures. to start off, here’s some mole rats:

I caved in and bought the radscorpion pack too, and I decided I’d paint these up like the shadow crawlers from Underrail:

after that is this radroach swarm I painted like the psi beetles from Underrail as well:

the radroach swarm model proved to be a lot more work than they let on, so I only finished one instead of the three that I had planned

next are some feral ghouls:

after that is a turret. I put the head on a magnet so I can swivel it around and have the turret facing any direction:

and finally, before I get to the enclave miniatures I’ve done, here’s a BoS lancer, callsign “Biggs”:

and now for the enclave!

first up is the lieutenant:

after that are these two soldiers, one holding a gauss rifle similar to the ones I gave my Ronnie Shaw and desert ranger miniatures:

after that is a hellfire trooper:

and finally, an enclave assaultron:

that’s all I have to show for today. until next time!


That’s a good idea using a magnet on the turret. If I ever buy more of those I’ll give it a go.

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