Noderunner's painting thread

I started on models this week. Mostly cleaning them and assembling.

My first experiment is on the Rad Roaches. The Bethesda Fallout games have a signature green filter the game visually that I thought it might be fun to try and capture. It’s pretty subtle, but I think I like the green tint on roaches. I might continue doing it on the other creatures. Radscorpions are in progress as well.

So many of these guys to paint!


They look good! They DID seem pretty eager to give away these guys in bulk didn’t they? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I finished up the Radscorpions today. They go pretty quick being mostly gradations of one color. It doesn’t come out in the picture as much as in person, but there is a slight green tint to these, just like the roaches. I may end up taking a page out of GateKeeper’s book and getting a 2nd set at some point, so I can have albino variants.

Just a few tips for anyone else painting these guys up:

  1. Do the bases separately. These are so low to the ground, that trying to paint under them after they are glued to the base isn’t feasible.

  2. Use a gloss varnish or Citadel ardcoat on the tires and the black eyes of the scorpions to hint at the texture a bit. A slight gloss to the eyes helps them look a little more menacing.

  3. Don’t go too dark for the browns on the scenic base if you go dark with the scorpions themselves. You want some contrast between the two to make them stand out more.

  4. If you end up using washes like I did for the dirt on the base, mix up the color hue in patches around the base so it doesn’t look too uniform. Having patches of color variation makes things look more natural. I used a mix of Agrax Earthshade, Seraphim Sepia, Fuegan Orange, and Coelia Greenshade. I blended them together in patches while they were all still wet.

  5. I went with more cartoony edge highlights (thick lines, high contrast) on the concrete slabs of the base, because they are mostly going to be covered by the scorpions and more subtle highlights would be too hard to see.

IMG_0561 IMG_0562


Lovely stuff! I’m loving all these gribblies,bases look really good too🖒

Please keep these coming. As someone both colorblind and having been out of the painting game for a while, your posts are really appreciated.

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