gallowCalibrator’s Minitures

Starting with my Mutants!


Really like how the colors look with the hounds. Looks good on the Mutants as well, though I personally prefer the slightly darker colors for those. :wink:

Thanks for sharing, they look really nice.

Very nice,love that sickly yellow colour…just like in the game!:+1:

I also realy like the skintone, I’m not a fan of the green most people use, looks too orkish for me :sweat_smile: and therefore I will paint mine similar to yours. #teamyellowbastard ^^


Those mutants look like the ones my colorblind eyes see in game. Care to share which colors you used?

Same! Wanted them to stand out and not be just another group of orks. Glad they are reading like the game took me allot of experimenting to get there.

P3 Rutsack Tan, ember Orange, sulfuric yellow, 1/1 yellow and brown ink wash with a bit of mixing medium and water, then hilight again with the yellow.

Then after that’s all very dry I tap in some 1/1 green ink mixing medium and water it down a bit, to some of the shades to bing in a bit of that irregular irradiated look.

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Nicely done. They remind me of the Super Mutants from Fallout 3. The grass and moss on the basess looks fantasic, too.

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Vault 87 super mutants?

A new project!


Just a couple of things for scatter. Slowly getting back into painting after the holiday crunch time.


I like these a lot. I think you have got pretty close to the actual game colour too. I was looking at supermutants on google to try and figure out what colour they actually are. I think we just assume they are green, but there yellows, oranges, reds, pinks and flesh tones in them. I think the actual green is kind of undertone of olive or khaki, but they are more yellowish …definitely more complex than goblin green IMO…


I’d like to chime in on the praise over the color scheme. I’ve been struggling with trying to get a color that looks like the super mutants in-game, but my results so far either coming out an orcish green, or else just dirty yellow. I just haven’t been able to eyeball the pictures and figure out what I should go with for the proper tints, but I’m pretty sure it tends more toward the yellow than the green. I’ll just have to keep working at it. Thanks for sharing the paint colors used! Maybe I should take some of my “yellow” mutants and try a green ink wash, and see if that brings me to some sort of happy medium.

I think it’s varied a fair bit between games, with FO4 and NV being much more of a muted green than the more yellow and red colours of FO3 and earlier (at least, based on screenshots, as I’ve only played FO4 and a few hours of NV).




Personally I use Elysian Green (albeit in layers, first mixed with black, then on its own, then mixed with white), in an attempt to emulate the Institute mutants (which are the ones I like the appearance of the most). But that’s one of the great things with miniatures, people can paint them however they like :slight_smile:

I prime black and my base coat is a kaki color. P3 Rutsack Tan if that is any help? I do carefully go back with green ink and wash areas that I want to bring the tone back to green but a little goes a long way.