First Super Mutant Painted

Did a test piece just to mess about with colours and such. Base still needs tidying up, but of course that will be the last thing done.

Not sure if he is a bit too dark overall. Looks alright at arm’s length but afraid he might get lost among the terrain. Good camouflage at lease :slight_smile:


Looking good! I like the rusty spots, how did you make them? And I really don’t think he’s too dark (mighy be the lighting, though)

Very nice. I agree that the rust effect you managed looks really good.

For the face, the image doesn’t show that very well. Looks like you might have just went with green without much work to the mouth and eyes?

Thanks. The rust is just brushed on Vallejo Skin Tone ink.

Was a bit of a strain deciding where and how much :slight_smile: Had to conjure up images of every rusty thing I have ever come across.

He is just looking down it seems. Doesn’t want to step on a sidewalk crack perhaps.

Here is a photo showing his face better.

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Nice, that one shows the face much better. Thank you for the new angle.

You are welcome.

Thank you for your responses.

It looks like his center middle belt plate has rusted to the point where it is almost indistinguishable from this leather kilt. Will have to fix that.

I would try a black wash or P3’s armor wash over the metal add a bit of shadow and tone down the shiny ness a tad?

Great test piece can’t wait to see the whole army!

Thank you for the suggestions.

I used Army Painter Dark Tone. Was expecting the result to be somewhat darker than that based on my past use of Soft and Strong Tones. Black ink is a good suggestion.

A brown or bronze wash might work well also, allowing it to pool around protrusions and in divots in a natural way while maintaining the rust effect.

The rust effects look really good though even if you don’t do anything more with it.

I think when I get my models, I’ll try to use a similar method for the super mutants, the metal with the rust effect, then follow that with the wash to deepen the effect a bit.

Thanks. Consider using a dull grey rather than a metallic colour. I do not really see much shininess left that many years out in the Wasteland :slight_smile:

Considering brushing the skin tone on the entire pipe rifle to get that Mutant Love feeling too.

Now you have me curious: Skin tone on the pipe rifle? Kind of an off white to peach range? Or something darker? What does that accomplish? Just trying to make it look old and a bit washed out?

The skin tone is what I used for the rust. Looking at the picture below, showing the same type of rifle…

…should make it look more “authentic”…

So you’re talking about a skin tone in the tan/brown range? Neat, I might have to try that.

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This is my “rust”.

I usually make my own washes, just something a shade or two darker than what I’m trying to paint at the time. :wink:

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Wanted to mix a few shades for highlighting today and found I had run out of WHITE.

D*mn and Bllast.

Looking good so far!
If youve run out of white,maybe just choose a lighter shade of similar colour and mix that in gradually until you get desired tone?

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looking good the skin of the Mariposa super mutants as they appeared in NV, yhea flesh tone washes are good for dirtying things up as they tend to be an off brown type color


That looks good! I went with a more radioactive F.E.V. look. I used a lot of bright colors and a bright yellow ink. All you need is some highlights, and it’ll pop.

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