Feedback on T60


I’m very new to miniatures especially Fallout warfare, I started painting some Star Wars legion but swapped over to fallout warfare mainly because of the ai system.

Anyway I was wondering if someone could give me some constructive feedback on my most recent project the t60 please take into account this is probably the 4 or 5th mini ive ever painted. I did however take some inspiration from table top hub he does some great tutorials on fallout warfare and his video helped me alot


Looking good

I did a tutorial on how to paint the T60 - it’s in German but has got English subtitles

T60 Tutorial on YouTube

Maybe you can get some inspiration…

Thanks, I’ll check the video out. I wasn’t sure about the armour effect, getting some feedback is a good way learning.

Looking good, I like the shinier metal on the raised areas and parts where they would rub against each other :slight_smile:
Personally, I would have put some brown wash into the creases just to grubby it up. But that is more of a personal taste thing than any sort of criticism. For your 4th or 5th mini that is impressive! :slight_smile:

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I agree with Info. I can’t really find anything as a major critique. Excellent work, especially considering it’s your 4th or 5th time painting.


The metal parts are looking good, but as it is Fallout, i suggest to consider some rust. The easiest way to apply rust is to take a mid- or reddish brown paint, dip a sponge into it, wipe the excess paint and the push it to the armour. Try it first on something else, to experiment wih the paint.
Also: add some colour to the cabling and the cloth/leather parts of the armour, so it will be more “living” and textured.


Thank you so much for the feedback much appreciated. I’m going to buy the resin set soon so I can try some of your suggestions.

Looks pretty good for starters, but I would have colored in some of the tubing in the abdomen a different color, as well as painted some of the finer detailed bits a different metallic shade. Here’s some closeups on the T-60 I painted to see what I mean:


For one of your first minis that looks brilliant, certainly better than my early attempts at the hobby!

A lot of it is down to personal preference, but I give my power armour models a very watered down blue wash, as well as some brown in some of the recesses for rust. I found that captures the look of T-60 armour in Fallout 4 quite well, in my view at least :slight_smile:
I’d also second guy762’s comments about the piping and sections on the abdomen, there’s a fair bit that, in game at least, isn’t actually metallic.Some sections are kind of khaki, some are brown, the stomach area is grey, and there’s a spot of red on one of the hip components. Most of the time that won’t be visible from tabletop distance though, so it’s all about finding the level of detail that you’re wanting to go to on your own minis :slight_smile:


Wow! What a great community, so much feedback. I’m gonna go back over the mini and add some detail around tubing and stomach area. Perhaps I need to buy some rust effect paint to add some extra detail

It’s also good to see pics of other people’s t60s.

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Rust effect paint can be good, I haven’t tried any myself but I’ve heard they’re good for making something look really rusted and worn :slight_smile: Otherwise just a bit of brown wash or a dab of watered down brown/orange in the recesses can work well for more minor areas of rust/dirt.

You mention above that you were hoping to get the resin set. I can’t speak highly enough of the detail and quality for the resin miniatures, they’re the best I’ve ever seen, but they are a bit harder to work with if you’re not used to working with resin. Make sure you give them at least one wash and dry (warm water with a bit of dish soap for 10 minutes, then gentle scrubbing with an old tooth brush) and have something like a sharp hobby knife for cutting off any flash (thin wisps of resin that sometimes appear along the mouldlines). There should be other threads in this forum that give tips as well :slight_smile:

As a shameless plug, if you’re wanting to see more pics of my t60 suits I’ve posted quite a few here ( Alaiteir's painted minis ), though I’ve had to take a hiatus from updating it for a while


There is a pic of two of mine… and agree to the other comments - rust makes it look really fitting into the wasteland


Feeling the need to add a bit more to my previous comments.

First, power armor can be hard to find ways to make things pop or break up the metallic color. Most in game references have just small details there to pull from.

That being said…

Second, it’s all about personal preference, style choices, and the story you want to tell. Story?! Yes. I like to look at painting each mini as telling that figures story. You can use that to help you make some design choices. There are instance of painted power armor, for example. I’ve also seen people paint one part different from the rest with a story as to why. Maybe the person painted the helmet. Or found replacement parts that don’t quite match up. Another example is does your Brotherhood unit spend a lot of time on patrol? Then add more weathering. Or are they mostly stationed somewhere? Less weathering.

I personally went with less weathering on my first two, but did do some color on the tubing and the canisters on the back to make them stand out. Future power armor I’m thinking of adding unit colors, much like Clone Troopers in Star Wars.

As for the rust effect paint… I have used the Army Painter brand. After getting it, I agree with earlier statements that it could have been replicated with thinned paint, as that’s about what it “feels” like. But I’m not unhappy with it. Below are some super mutants where I used it. For reference.

You can see more pictures in my painting thread, if needed.


Your minis are amazing, you’ve done some great work.

I’m liking the mutants, the green looks perfect and the clothing is done brilliantly. The mutants are my next project, or maybe Nora. I’m going to try some weathering techniques when I paint the mutants.

There is so much to learn and it’s good seeing other people’s minis, although I want my style it’s good to get ideas and help from you guys


I have painted all minis available up till now - if you want to get more inspiration check out my instagram account @oliver.riedl

Thanks :smiley: Mostly it’s patience and practice, but I’m happy to try and give any tips/answer any questions if I can :slight_smile:

AlxRaven’s point about storytelling is a really good one, especially in a game like this one. I deliberately don’t put so much rust on my T60 suits, because I’m imagining them to be leaping from vertiberds for a specific deployment before returning to base, rather than being left out on extended patrol. For my super mutants however, I wanted them to be as rusted and worn as possible, so I didn’t even bother painting any metallic colours and went straight for layering browns and oranges:


Here’s mine to join the party. I agree yours would benefit from some rusting, I also used the sponge method starting with a reddish brown then a really bright orange (coat d’arms rat brown and citadel fire dragon bright) it was my first time using the sponge method but it’s really quick and easy and I’m pretty happy with how they came out.



Painting is an art form where you should take bits inspiration from those around you and mix it up into your own thing. I don’t think there is anyone of use here that wants or expects you to paint exactly the way they do.

Take what works. Leave the rest.

You’ve got a fantastic start, I can wait to see where you go with it.


I’ll echo these comments. Miniatures, regardless of what game they are for, the building, painting, and modifying of them is a hobby, and like all hobbies, you do it for YOU. If you’re having fun, then no matter what they look like; you’re doing it right.

Miniatures is an art form in a way. There’s no right or wrong way to do it, and it sometimes feels like there are nearly as many ways of doing things as there are modelers out there. The real trick is to find what works best for you. Don’t be afraid to experiment, and have fun. It never hurts to see how other people do the same model and take inspiration if you see something you like, but you should never feel like you need to do something the same way as other people.

That said, your models look really good, you have every right in the world to be proud of them.

Something that works for me that I haven’t seen talked about much in this thread is “Solid” vs “Soft” Solid things, like power armor, signs, cars, and similar are things I tend to paint differently from more organic things like skin and cloth. When painting items like power armor or metal, I tend to paint it and use shading to bring out details as to me that tends to look more natural. In contrast, painting things like skin or cloth I like to start with a solid color and use washes to bring out the details instead.

Forgive the quality, I’m ten years out of practice, and even when I was at my best most of the artists in this thread are more talented. Just posting mine to give an example.

In these two pictures, the gun and radio are “Solids” I mainly worked with solid colors (Radio I use a wash to bring out the detail on the back, but that was about it) The colors on the radio were done with shading, black undercoat with drybrushing for most the rest, thin enough that bits of the black showed through in places to give it that older tarnished look. In contrast, the skin, hair, and clothes are “Soft” and done with a solid color and a wash for a more organic feel. Little drybrushing for detail and the model was mostly done.

Best advice I have for you: You clearly have a pretty good start. Keep doing what works well, learn what you can, use what you like, and more than anything else; just have fun with it.

PS: The model I posted still needs a little work. Need to do some detail work to the jacket. And the magazines and radio aren’t attached in that image (They’ve been glued in place since then.)