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Brotherhood Paladins painting

I am reasonably new to painting and recently finished off the Brotherhood paladin from the core box. Comments,feedback and advice would be appreciated


I like the weathering but one small critique if I may. The joint on the back of the knees aren’t metal so you might want to paint them slightly different then dirty them up. Not trying to be rude I think It looks great. I especially like the chipping on the valve. Good work.


This dude has seen some heavy combat!!!

Good result for a new painter!!! Did you use a tutorial?

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Thanks ,I based my paint scheme of the duncan Rhodes tutorial with some change

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Thanks I would rather you critique it so I can improve ,with the joints I tried to paint them as heavy leather instead of the heavy fabric from the game. Do you think they would look better as the tan fabric from fallout 4?image

Your request is my command :slight_smile: A couple of points that spring to my mind:

  1. Be sure to be more careful when cutting of the base from the sprue next time - it looks rather damaged now
  2. Earth never has just one colour… maybe try to stiple in a few different earth tones to generate random colour transitions - or use some drybrushing.
  3. Your rust ist currently very orange (which is good) but I would also add more brown to it. Like earth, rust is never just one tone. You could achieve that by washing your complete modell with Agrax Eartshade. This would also give you an additional layer of depth.
  4. I am big fan of contrasting colour to really make your minis stand out. Duncan sometimes uses these techniques as well. On your model you used a couple of those effects like on the wheel of the back but they are not popping enough (maybe it’s the lighting). I would make them stronger and add some highlights.

I will add you a few examples of guys in Power Armor that I painted, maybe it can help you as an inspiration

! !

I also painted the paladin, that you have painted, here is a video of me doing the painting. My tutorial is surely not as good as Duncans, but maybe you can also get a few ideas for yourself - be sure to turn on the subtitles in case you do not speak German


Thanks for the advice I will go and update the model paint scheme slightly and have a look at the tutorial also as for the based it snaped of the sprue before I could clip it and I am still slightly annoyed about it

Oh and your raiders look awesome

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If you do permit me one more recommendation:

Dude, your mini is just fine. I have been painting for more than 15 years and in most cases, when I revisited a mini, the result was far worse than before. :frowning:

The only situation that I revisit minis nowadays is when I find mistakes on the pictures that I did not see when painting them. Or if someone points out something, that is obviously not good - both are not the case with yours so just get your painting stuff out and try with the next mini :slight_smile:

Ok thanks but I did think that the variation on the mid would look great so I am going to just add a few washes certain areas on the mud to add variation


Recently I got a box of t 45s for my brotherhood and was working on a lighter metal scheme for them rather than the darker metal on my paladin. Here is a WIP on the power armour thoughts and feedback much appreciated


Almost EVERY TIME, no matter how careful I am at clipping the bases, they end up looking like I cut them off with an angle grinder…:frowning:

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Just finish painting up the death claw from the starter set though I’d paint him in the albino colour scheme as I think it looks really cool and unique. Comments questions feedback ECT welcome

20210116_164337|690x326, 75%
Sorry for the low quality pics


It looks great! I might add a pink/red-ish wash to certain parts to bring out the details personally, but it looks really cool as is :slight_smile:

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Thanks I did find I had trouble with defining details and washes not sure whether it is a fault of my own the fact that the PVC plastic death claw has shallower details or more likely a combination of the two

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