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Reverendunclebastard's painted minis thread

I started with my core set a few months ago. Painted everything using regular model paints, except I did the bases in a regular gray paint.

I have since purchased a bunch of contrast paints which I am loving. I went back and detailed the bases of the core set with contrast paints and plan on doing the rest of my models with a mix of contrast and regular paints and washes.

My painted models so far:



Looking good! Always enjoy seeing peoples miniatures on here :slight_smile:

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Nice work. Look forward to seeing more in the future.

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Those look great :slight_smile:

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Looking good.

The power armor? It looks bronze in the image? Do you have a story for that? Or is it just the lighting of the image? Most people are going with the traditional silver/gunmetal shade, the bronze is a strikingly different looking model. (Not in a bad way, just interesting. :wink: And lets face it, it’s always fun to see why people do paint jobs that are a little different.)

The power armour is bronze! I just felt like trying something different. I have only fleeting experience with the Fallout video games, so while I have been looking up reference images before painting, I am not limiting myself to the traditional colour schemes.