Mugs's Miniature Thread

Hi guys, In the spirit of more miniatures I thought id make a miniature thread!


bos%20barricades gunner%20barricades


Splendid work! Especially the Brotherhood logos on the barriers!

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I like! Skin texture on the suicider is especially cool

Your freehand painting is brilliant!

Can I ask how you did the rust effect on the protectrons? :slight_smile:

Thanks man. I cheated slightly with the BOS logo on the barricades. i stared using a games workshop mechanius cog transfer and drew out from that

As for the protectrons, I fully painted the models and then i took a piece of blister pack foam. tore it at all edges so it was really rough and uneven.

i dabbed it in Games workshop rinox hide and dabbed most of the paint off. I then lightly tapped it on the model to create chips. i then did the same again with games workshop skrag brown to a lesser extent to suggest rust.

I then applied forgeworlds medium earth pigment over the feet and on the bottom of the legs.

I do plan to do a video series on weathering at somepoint but in the meantime im happy to answer questions


Really nice work! Even cheating I don’t think I’d attempt that freehand :smiley:

How did you do that power armor?! Please let me know what paints and stuff you used!

I like your collection it’s very interesting


heres an overview of how i did my power armour. its all painted by hand, no airbrush here.

The silver power armour was done scale75 paints.

the miniature was base coated in black metal, when this dried i did a 50/50 mix of black metal and thrash metal and layered leaving black metal in the shadows.

i then progressively layered the mini with heavy metal and speed metal again from scale75 doing a 50 /50 mix between each paint step. these layers were done on progressively smaller areas focusing on where the light would hit if shining from above.

the smaller areas of each paint is about maximising the contrast on the metals. finally i added a reflex higlight to each panel with scale color white alchemy. its an almost white metallic silver thats translucent.

the tan joints where done using vallejo english uniform, layered GW tallarn sand and GW karak stone.

the cerramic on danse was done by using vallejo terracotta and slowly adding GW fire dragon bright into the mix and creating light highlights.

to get a rusty look on the crouching armour. I took some GW mournfang brown, thinned it to a very thin wash consistency, just about to the point it doesnt seperate on the pallet and washed over the entire model. i then used kitchen roll to dab away excess or pools of the wash. GW youtube channel did a good guide on the thinned brown wash in painting the mechanicum scenery.

Painted another suicider


Oh. I think that might be out of my skill level, but I’ll give it a try once I can get some scale 75 paints. Thanks!

Also, what is the name of your channel? I’d love to see some of your content.

mugsofdoomminis is my youtube :slight_smile:

Painted the nuka girl pinup


Looks good!

Nice! :+1:

That looks great!

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