Lien 's workshop

Hi , I’m Aurelien from France , i was looking forward receiving and starting my fallout miniatures , i received the whole thing end of september ( except the scenery elements ) ; my goal was to finish them before end of this month , i’m quite good , the last one was finished yesterday :slight_smile:
Let’s start with the super mutants ,

Creatures , with a glowing deathclaw ,

Robots , love them …

Brotherhood ,

Survivors and minutemen ,

A good work , :slight_smile:

Now it’s time to build a scenery board !


Looks great man, I do love the glowing deathclaw

Looking really good. Thank you for sharing! Must have gotten the Vault Tec Bundle?

It looks great! Be sure to post your board when it’s done, too.

Excellent paint!
They gona be pretty good also for the rpg. :blush:

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They look amazing! How long does it take you to paint each miniature (as in, a roughly human sized one)?

Thank you Mr Celtish :wink:
The whole work took me maybe 50-60 hours in 3 weeks, i am used to work colours by colours painting a dozen miniature in the same time…


I’m torn on the one hand I want to compliment your work, on the other your French and my ancestors demand I make a snide comment…

rolls charisma check

It’s a passable effort for someone with webbed fingers I suppose.


Ah cool, I’ve tried batch painting and doing models of the same colour at the same time, but doubt I could paint as many as you’ve managed! Do you use an airbrush, and if so do you find that faster than using a conventional brush?

Yes, i always use the airbrush, spending time for a good azimuthal coat, from white to black - i spent about 5-6 hours a sunday - wife was happy :sweat_smile: - for all the miniature…
But after i only need my brush and a good paint like the scale 75

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That was pretty fast for the whole lot, I’m impressed.
And with such a bad painting, on top of that… If you wern’t our game master, I think your character would be dead for the next session.
Jealousy, I’m sure you can understand.

Amazing work! How did you do the weathering?

Thanks mister Le Lapin , i did 3 deathclaws just for you ( Raoul need practice in close combat :wink:)
Weathering by using pigments ( rust, brown… ) and i tried for the 1st time, oil paint with enamel diluant , the effect was very good on the sentry bot and automatron, not so good with BOS, need to improve this technique, i will have opportunities with buildings and scenery …:grin:

Your quality to speed ratio is one of the best if not the best I have ever seen in miniature painting. I also like the very natural and realistic look. Great work!

The sheer amount is astounding, and in this quality… wow! The robots in particular are magnificent!

Hi , i started my board a few days ago , here is a little step by step : for this first board i wanted it to be a dry wasteland , with a damaged road ; there will be four 60 X 60 cm boards , crossed by a road ; they should be flat , no rocks , i need to store them with the other boards …it will welcome damaged houses , Sanctuary Hills will be my inspiration - it’s not very innovative…

Il will use extruded polystirene , shaping them with a big and small hammer to have a dry , cracked desert ground…

and i will use cork to make the road , with damaged effect

and finish the road borders with mix os stones , sand , glue and tile cement

I wasn’t very pleased , it doesn’t look like a road but more like a river …

I started painting today , using airbrush , Dark yellow from MIG ,then a brown juice , then little shade with Coffe , highlight with Desert sand , dry brush with ivory … for the road grey with blue and dark juice , then dark grey and dry brush with ivory…

I added different pigments for only 1 board , didn’t have time to do it on the other boards ,

A full view , i still not very pleased , but it’s too late , maybe with elements and cars , it will look like a road more …

Here are my buildings and cars , ready to be paint , i hope very soon …


I think it is going to be great I love the hammered down to look like desert that is something I might steal. I wonder though ate those cars to scale? Also those building look great did u build them?

Thanks , yes the hammer shaping is easy and you can have a good cracked ground effect, and quite easy to paint even without airbrush ( dry brush is the key )
Véhicules are 1:43 scale, so it’s ok with the 28-32mm miniature
buildings are from Sarissa ( retro americana )and the broken one from Knight of dice

Hi , a few news from my board …

this picture was my inspiration for the road

Creating safety rail and telegraph pole …

stick the rails et pick the poles …

I added some different dry and brown grasses…

I repaint old scenery elements i used to play for Eden the game

Here are my vehicles …

I started to paint some buildings , big panel , playground and gas station …

I had great fun making dead brahmine , using dead cow from HK resin , and molding new head with Instant mold , molding each cows’ head , and creating udder with Green Stuff… the skeeters from Malifaux make good Bloodbug !!

I looked in my Malifaux miniatures to find good proxy for gangsters / survivors ( which in can use in our Fallout RPG )

The 4 boards with poles ( they are just picked in the ground , can be removed easily )

A little diorama …

now i have to start painting the 3 remaining buildings …


Gotta say the poles and the barriers really work with the road, I know you were a bit iffy on how it looked but I think it’s great.