Pie_Vendor's Jet-fuelled adventures

Hello all,

I’ll be using this thread to share my work with you.

Here’s a super mutant.


Looks good! I love the shading/depth on the leg musculature and face.

I look forward to seeing what else you post :slight_smile:

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Yeah he looks good! I like the rust effects.

I’m looking forward to more, as I have to wait until nicer weather before I can prime my set.

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That’s a very tasty Super Mutant.

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Thanks guys!

I reworked the base and added an asphalt effect to break all this grey.

Two of them are ready to dance now. :smiley:


Very nice! Great job on the weathering!! I think that’s going to be the aspect I struggle with. Take this nice looking mini, and make it look like ■■■■. In a good way. Lol

Applying the weathering effects is the fun part and it’s easy to overdo it! Remember less is more.

I don’t know if this applies here tho, things are pretty rusty in Fallout. :smiley:


It hurt my heart to do the weathering on my Corvegas, so not so fun.


I loved weathering the Corvega that I’ve gotten done. I enjoyed the process of imagining rain storms hammering the steel, water pooling in the recesses causing the rust to expand. I thought of the dust storms that same blasted the paint and chrome over the decades. I imagined all the creatures that had walked over the decayed husk of a once magnificent machine, some making their homes in it for a time.

Weathering tells a story, to me it’s the best part of painting this type of thing.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m pleased with how mine turned out, but they were so pretty before I weathered them.

My main problem is that despite being a creative out of the box thinker, with random tendencies, when it comes to creating, my mind craves balance. (My wife says all my display set ups look like altars. Lol)

So getting the “randomness” of weathering, outside of putting a wash over the whole piece, I feel is going to be a struggle. Lines of rust and paint chipping specifically.

@AlxRaven it’s a very human thing you’re experiencing. Humans like symmetry, order, and balance. It’s hard for us higher apes to put aside our desire to see and create paterns. Maybe that’s why it helps me to think of the story of the thing.

@Modiphius-SteveH they did look pretty before you weathered them. Maybe you could create a dealership that escaped the worst of the ravages of time.

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All this Corvega talk and the cars are out of stock, damn it!! :tired_face:

Don’t overthink it guys, the rusting stage is all about fun, just take a sponge and go crazy. Streak like there is no tommorow.

Aviator reporting in.


Thanks for the support, fellow wastelanders!

That super mutant looks great! I like the tinge of blue on the breastplate.