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JerzyK's Fallout miniatures

Hello, I would like to share with you my first painted Fallout miniatures - 3 super mutants. I went for quite colorful paint scheme - like Space Orks :wink:

I plan to paint much more Fallout minis, although for a change - I started some survivors. I will show them here once they are finished.


Woah, these look very unusual. I love it! The little terrain pieces in the back look great too!

I love the highlights on their muscles!

I love the color choices here. How did you achieve some of the gradient effects, especially the one on the sledgehammer head? Did you airbrush them?

Thanks guys!
@JetsamJay - the terrain pieces are from StudioLevel. Their stuff IMHO fits really well Fallout climate. I have a couple of pieces from them. They are just having Kickstarter campaign by the way.
@Ehrman - I am not very proficient in using airbrush. I just spray the miniatures with most common color (this case green) and apply some basic lighting by spraying lighter shade from the top. The most of the job is done with a brush, although the first stage with an airbrush helps to speed up the work… It’s just using diluted layers of paint - just as you do with acrylics.

Nora, the Sole Survivor - first non-mutant from Fallout is painted.


Looking good! :slight_smile:

That looks great! Your colour blending is really impressive :slight_smile:

Those are some of the best minis I have seen so far for Fallout - great stuff!!!

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Thanks :slight_smile:
I did not want the survivor girl to be lonely, so I painted a vault companion for her:


Another brilliant model! Looking forward to seeing what you paint next :slight_smile:

Fatastic work :slight_smile:

Simplement magnifique !! Great work !!
J’adore la peinture du bois sur la crosse des fusils. I love the wood on the rifles.

Thanks. I painted 2 doggies - one quite regular and one fancy-looking:


Loving the fur texture!

I agree with @Alaiteir, the fur texture looks great :+1:

Fabulous work!

A real joy to look at! :+1:

Thanks. After painting a couple of survivors it’s time for mutants reinforcement :slight_smile:


The colorsceme is unusual for SM, but it makes sense. There’re so many colorful fassades in Fallout 4, why would the mutants only wear the rusty pieces?

Regardless, they look beautiful and are real eye catchers! That NMM is truly outstanding!

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