Lien 's workshop

This is some next level ■■■■ right there! Truly great work Aurelien! I would love to play on a board this nice. :+1:

(Edit: Hah, look at that, the forum has a filter! Well I stand by my choice to use expletives to convey my delight. :wink:)

Yes man thanks for sharing you process it looks terrific

Table magnifique tu t’es surpassé!!! Excellent travail. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Wahou !!
Votre table est superbe, Aurélien. Elle est tellement dans l’esprit Fallout et elle reste modulable en plus :+1:

C’est vraiment extra ce que tu fais là !
Franchement Chapeau bas !!

Very inspirational stuff!

Can you please tell us where you got:

  • the cars
  • the teddy bears
  • the Brahmin

I believe the teddy bears are by TTCombat.

Great work, Lien, your work rate and skill are beyond compare.

Looks like you’re right; from their Back Alley Accessories 2 pack. Thanks!

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And the skeletons!
I’ve been looking all over for skeletons to use for Fallout terrain and all I can find is either clad in fantasy armor or so small that they look like the skeletons of kids (which is useful, too).

Brahmin, billboard, remastered vehicles and characters. It’s just amazing!

Hi , yes Teddy bear are from TTC , the cars are 1/43 scale bought on E bay , just repaint them and did weathering ( good practice with oil/enamel techniques)
Dead brahmines are made from dead cows from HK resin (a set or dead cows and horse)
The living brahmine i bought it years ago on Armorcast, i don’t know if it is still available
Skeletons are from E bob miniature, the only place i found " nude " skeleton, they are a bit small but fun to work ( fragile too )

More things to come soon :grin::wink:


Absolutely stunning, the glowing deathclaw in particular is impressive. The whole batch is well done with good variety. Thank you for taking the time to upload it for us to enjoy.

Hi there ,
i just finished my board today , happy to end this project , 5 weeks of long work …
my inspiration was clearly Sanctuary hills for this board

let’s start with new billboards ( TT combat ) and city panels ( Sarissa )

New cars and buses ( bought on eBay , 1/43 scale )
… skeletons drivers/ passengers from e bob miniature …

The vault entrance from Sarissa looked good to me , i tried to make the area / ground for the 111 vault entrance , using fence from Multiverse and construction office from TTcombat…

Now the hard work , the ruined houses : i wanted them to look as the ones in the game , the original ones from sarissa were too much " wood made " so i added damaged / rusted square tile on the wall
Working the interior was long too but nice , using the TTC furniture

Houses from the game ( fallout 4 )

Roof can be removed , using the 1st floor


The second house


I made 8 small wood fence for these houses

Last building , a nice one from Knight of dice,

All the scenery elements on the board !

a few dioramas …:slight_smile:

I will stop now , still waiting my scenery set , i hope i will have enough space left !!


Any chance you have a manufacturing company that made the busses?

no problem , you can find them on this eBay store , there are several 1950’s busses and trucks !

Outstanding. Truly. :slight_smile:

Looks like you have a pretty penny into some of those. They look really great though. I bookmarked a couple of them and hopefully I can nab one or two on payday. :wink:

Bro…drooling over this…its fantastic been quite a journey watching the progress

That Sanctuary Hills house looks amazing!

Well, this board is all kinds of awesome!