My Terrain and Miniatures

Hi everyone,

i am quite new to the forum and super excited for Fallout:Wasteland Warfare, i cant show you any models from F:WW since my order did not arrive yet but as some of you showed of your terrain and hobby projects (which i really enjoyed reading) i was motivated to join with a thread of my own.
Only terrain for now but as soon as i can paint my own F:WW minis this will change.

For all of my painting i am using a mix of Army Painter and Vallejo colors with occasional additions from GW (technical colors mostly) and P3. Additionaly i use cheaper craftstore waterbased acrylic colors for terrain.

Dont expect anything impressive, though. I am a lazy and mediocre painter and really prefer the gaming part of our hobby.

Without further words, here is some of my stuff:

A table i am working on (since forever, i am a really slow) for the Batman Miniature Game and Fallout: Wasteland Warfare:


Really like your barricades. And your table is coming along nicely.

good work buddy, i like the toxic waste barrels

Thats some great stuff there! Love the barricades and the adobe type house particulary👍
The board looks awesome…hope mine turns out to look as fun to play on!

Oh man what a cool board! I’m glad to see a docks board. Looks very payable too!

Thank you all!
Meanwhile my F:WW order has arrived and my wife and me were busy playing and painting as much as possible (mostly playing though), so i will drop some images of the stuff we painted so far, some of you might have already seen those pictures on Facebook.
Please note that i only have a crapy mobile camera and no foto skills whatsoever :wink:

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