Kuribo's Wasteland WIP

Hello! I recently got into FWW and wanted to start up a WIP thread as I find its fun and motivating to share work with others. I already run a blog so I’m hoping it isn’t too much trouble to maintain a thread here.

I began with the starter set and painted up a couple plastic minis which I found the detail to be a little disappointing but they look decent for the tabletop.

So then I started grabbing some of the resin sculpts and I’m getting on quite a bit better and really enjoying my painting. Dogmeat in particular was fun to paint is one of the better things I’ve painted recently.

I’ve got a lot more in my paint queue so I hope to update with more progress soon. I will need to start getting some terrain as well so I can start playing the game solo so I look forward to tackling that as well.


Welcome aboard! Stuff looks great, and yes the PVC is challenging as far as detail is concerned; better than many but still not quite what resin can do. Keep us up to date on your journey, there’s support in spades here. :smiley:

Great work! I love the eyes on the settler, you’ve captured the worried expression brilliantly :slight_smile:

Great job on day g and eyebrows

Sorry dog autocorrect

They’re all looking good! :slight_smile:

Korbyyn, Alateir, Wickedcool, and Info_Overload - Thank you for the warm welcome. I really appreciate it!

I only have one thing to show off this week though it is a good one. I knocked out another settler which I think looks even better than the previous one. Really pleased with how the finer details in the miniature turned out.

I should have a bigger update in about a week’s time so I look forward to that. I’m going to try and catch up on some of your threads here as well in the meantime :slight_smile:


Great work on all these minis. Very well painted.

I love the highlighting along the coat seam, really well done :slight_smile:

My thread hasn’t been updated in a while so you might have to scroll a bit, but I hope it gives some good inspiration!

Very nice! Love the rust effects on the lantern and rifle. The coat looks fantastic!

Thank you all very much. Your encouragement is much appreciated :slight_smile:

I have been experimenting with how I paint rust recently and I think I’m starting to get much better results. I know I’m much happier than I was before with things like the super mutant above. Here’s a look at some things I’ve finished recently, including my first piece of Fallout terrain!


Yeah that rust effect is a great improvement, it looks really nice!

I like the green rim on the edge of Nate’s pipboy’s screen too :slight_smile:

Those are looking really cool! :slight_smile:

Was the cage scratch built or did it come from somewhere? Just curious as it looks perfect for super mutant scenery

Awesome. I love your painting style, and the reflection on Dogmeat’s doggles is a really great touch. I’m going to have to try that myself now. :slight_smile:

I bought it, though I wish I could do more scratch building. If you search Deep Cut Miniatures Cage, you should be able to find it :slight_smile: It is fairly cheap to buy though the quality of the sculpt left a little to be desired. The mold lines are quite nasty and take some time to file down as well.

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It feels like it has been a while since my last update and I haven’t done a great job of keeping up with other WIPs in my absence so I will try to do better as there has been some awesome work being done lately. Here’s what I’ve been up to lately:

My resin super mutant force is growing. Now that I’ve worked out rust and armor a bit better, I’m sticking with this scheme and will probably ditch the earlier plastic ones I painted.

I recently got Ronnie Shaw done so she can lead the couple of survivors I’ve finished. More survivors to come!

This is simple piece of terrain but it used up some extra MDF I didn’t have a use for and it will help bring the wasteland to life so its nice to have done.

Finally, I made a campsite for residents of the wasteland to relax in. I don’t know if this will be helpful in any scenarios but I think it will be a nice accent piece on the fringes of the board to help make any scenario look as if someone actually lives in the wasteland (and has something to defend as well).


That’s some really nice work on the Super Mutant’s skin tone! Would it be worth repainting the earlier plastic ones rather than ditching them?

The campsite is a really good piece of scatter terrain, as you say it makes the wasteland look more lived in :slight_smile:

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Really like the campsite, little details like this bring a table to life. Even if they dont add anything to the mechanics of the game. Or at least that’s what I tell myself whenever I make anything like that :wink:

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Thank you both! I didn’t mean to be away from here for so long but I also got wrapped up in painting a mini from another game for about a month. I have knocked a few Fallout related things out since I last posted including finishing off the Heroes of Sanctuary Hills box.

I also got Mama Murphy done who was more complex and interesting to paint than I was expecting. Here she is with the other survivors I’ve painted.

Finally, I got some more terrain knocked out. I enjoyed painting the military barricades more than expected and they weren’t time consuming either.

I hope to start tackling some bigger and more impressive terrain soon. I just need a Fallout restock here in the US. Since COVID started, Fallout terrain from Modiphius has been impossible to find online :cry: