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Raptorsbane's attempt at painting

Hi all,

I’m a new tabletop gamer and painter here and I’m really enjoying the hobby thanks to Wasteland Warfare!
Recently painted up some Ghouls and had a lot of fun with them so I thought I’d post them.
Sorry for the hasty background it’s just the city mat from battlesystems.

Will post other minis later!
I’ve been loving all the great paint jobs and terrain you guys are posting, hope you all enjoy mine!


Looking very good! Love that you used so many different colors for the ghoul clothes, very nice range of “faded” colors in use.

For the eyes, from experience, either not doing the eyes, or doing them before you do the area around them, both tend to be better than trying to get in there with a brush to dab white. With models as small as these, I tend to just skip on the eyes myself, my hands aren’t steady enough to do that kind of impossibly small detail. :wink:

A very nice start. Will be looking forward to seeing more!

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Thank you GateKeeper for the advise and I’ve really enjoyed your posts!

That front left ghoul’s eyeball is a little low, maybe it’s hanging out of it’s socket? haha
Luckily because it’s so small you can’t see it on the actual model but I’ll definitely do the technique you mentioned to paint the eyes first.
Eyes really are the worst part!

One bit of advise I can give for the ghouls is the bit’s of molding (not sure the term? flashing?) that are left around the edges of the models after casting is pretty severe on the ghouls or at least on the batch I got.
I cut away most of it but especially around the hands it’s all over the place even down in between the fingers and I didn’t want to risk amputation so I left it.
On the finished models it’s not too bad but a few of their hands look a little lumpy, I caulk it up to radiation burns sagging their skin haha

I’ll leave you with some BOS vs Robots!


No problem, glad I could be of some help. I know the eyes were horrible on my first few models. Someone who was REALLY good at this kind of stuff told me a few things when I was first getting started: 1. Always do the deep parts first. It’s not as big of a deal if you get paint where it doesn’t belong because it’s easy to fix if it’s easy to reach. 2. Eyes are not as important as you think they are. The smaller the model, the harder it is to do such tiny detail work. 3. Don’t even try pupils until you get good at painting. Not only are they nearly impossible to do unless you’re really experienced, but you’ll never get them both straight so they’re always going to look wrong.

Only advice I’ve ever received on doing eyes, it’s always steered me right, and it can be applied to most any small detail work.

Most people who do a lot of modeling like this will have a set of small files and an exacto knife for handling flashing. I’ll often use the exacto knife to sort of shave away flashing in delicate areas. Best advice on that front is to take your time and be careful. It doesn’t take much pressure to knock it loose.

If you’re looking for files and fine tipped knives,you’ll likely be able to find a fairly cheap set of really small files at your local hardware store. I think I paid a dollar or two for the set I have, and it’s a really nice assortment of narrow and round files.

For the knives, I found a pretty nice set on sale, but generally just your local Wal*Mart or similar would have something that can be used.

As for the radiation damage, I think Harold said it best in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, . . . . “Sometimes the meat slides right off the bone, if you know what I mean. Heh heh. Whoo. That was a wild time.”

You’re doing some really nice work. Colors look great and the bases are top notch work.


GateKeeper thank you for the tips!
Good idea to use a file, I have an exacto knife but I’ll definitely look into getting a good file.

LOL good quote from Harold, it really was fun to paint the ghouls and give them a little personality through their clothes. I’m really looking forward to when the Glowing and Bloated ones are released!

I’ll leave you with some BOS vs Super Mutants and Soul Survivor vs Deathclaw! (the super mutants aren’t actually that bright green it was how the camera and light caught them in the picture for some reason)


Glad I could be of some help.

One of the best things about these kinds of community is how most people are happy to share information, and a lot of the more experienced people even seem to take a lot of pleasure in helping those of us who are still learning.

I’m guessing that the Sole Survivor and Dogmeat were among your first models painted? A lot of people do their early models in solid colors without washes and drybrushing. I personally think that the single shade models look pretty good, and I personally prefer models done that way when they’re supposed to be “Clean” like a person fresh out of the Vault. :wink:

The colors on your Knight? Looks like you went with a sort of brass/copper tone with silver highlights? I might do something similar with one of each pose as a way of making the model stand out from the rest.

You’ve got a really nice start to your collection. Looking good.

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I’ve really been enjoying the community and everyone’s interaction!
The game is a lot of fun and I’ve been going through the scenarios with a friend of mine.
Twice we’ve had the game end where it came down to one crack shot taking out the last guy/objective before the other person could win.
It can be pretty intense!
We are hoping to expand to more people to play with us but we live in Japan and it can be difficult to find English speakers who play Wasteland Warfare here!

You’re right, the Sole Survivor Nora and Dogmeat were one of my earliest paintings.
Nora is mostly clean “fresh out of the vault looking” but I did do a light wash and some lighter brown highlights on the leather that don’t show up in the picture due to camera focus on the foreground.
I have two more dogmeat’s to paint who I’ll do a bit differently, this one’s fur was done by using washes only and layering them from light color and building up to dark color (there’s a video on you tube about it) dogmeat looks great on the table but I am definitely going to do him a bit differently the 2nd and 3rd times I paint him :slight_smile:

Off the top of my head I believe I did a base coat of army painter gunmetal for the knight and did layers of painting and dry brushing of Ryza Rust, Leadbelcher and did a wash with Nulin Oil and possibly Agrax Earthshade, highlights were gunmetal.
I wanted this guy to be pretty rusty and dirty like his power armor had seen better days a longgg time ago.

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Might just be the lighting, but your Brotherhood of Steel Knight looks more like it’s got a brass paint job what’s worn through to the metal below. That said, I like the look and will probably try for a similar effect for at least one models to see how it turns out.

What I’d been thinking about doing with my own models is to do the emblems in different colors (White, Black, Red, Gold, Blue) on the chest to tell them apart. I never really thought to try different colors with the armor itself.

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Oh yeah he does look a bit brassy in the pictures! Later I’ll get some shots of just him for you if you want to use anything for inspiration.
I figure all of these power armors have been left out in varying types of weather for hundreds of years so they would all rust/decay differently. (I just remembered I used Ryza Rust for Goddard and used the Army Painter Rust color for the other Knight, that might play into the different shades of rust as well!)

I’m doing the same thing as you for the chest emblems, if you zoom on the first knight I posted I have his emblem red and then knight Goddard in the 2nd picture has a white emblem, it gives them a bit of individuality and makes it feel like they could be attached to different chapters etc.

I’m thinking of doing an army green rusty powerarmor soon too!
Wife is 7 months pregnant so I haven’t been doing much painting but will resume in a week or two when she goes to stay with her parents for the last month or so of the pregnancy.

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I actually have a rather sizable collection. My thinking is that one of each model can be done in one color, and like you say, they can be squads or chapters during play.

Share anything you like. My thinking was that I’d snag the image you have for the power armor and glance at it a couple of times when I get around to doing that color scheme.

Congrats on the little one! Pregnancy can be pretty stressful for the whole family, and the little one coming along doesn’t help. I love my kids dearly though, and my twin boys just turned 7 today. I’m just starting to get them painting miniatures a little bit now, so that’s kind of fun.

Is this your first little one?

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I know what you mean I have so many models it’s going to take forever to paint them all I think!
What I’m really waiting for is the Enclave to be released. Once they come out, Modiphius is going to get so much of my money haha

Thank you! This is our first little one and we are very excited! Fortunately it’s been a pretty smooth ride to 32 weeks and she will go stay with her parents because the chosen hospital is nearer to them.
Being home alone I’ll be putting my spare time back into painting and crank out as many models as I can before life gets super hectic in the not so distant future!
You’re livin the dream, painting, gaming or just doing anything with the little ones is something I can’t wait for!

I’ll post that BOS picture later for you, cheers!

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I’ve always been a “Five of everything” collector. So I still need to fill out my ranks a little for the current models. :stuck_out_tongue: I was pretty disappointed that Raiders and Enclave weren’t part of the first wave, especially Raiders. Pretty excited to know that they’re coming. I’m looking forward to seeing more of what they’re doing for the Enclave.

Will be looking forward to seeing some closer images.

Couple of things we learned with our own kids:
-Change the first diaper. Nothing so nasty will ever come out of your child as thtat. If you can change that first one, nothing after will feel half so bad. Besides, you’ll get lots of respect from the nurses (And most likely your wife) if you do.
-We’d go to bed together, but when the little one(s) would fuss, I’d get up and change them, then once changed I’d get my wife up to feed them. In the long run, everyone gets a little extra sleep that way.
-The first year, it is literally feed, change, repeat. Once they become mobile, . . . all bets are off.
-No amount of “Things” will ever replace the time you spend with your little one. I remember the time my dad spent with me, not the things he bought me, as such I try to create memories, even if it’s something as simple as playing with LEGO with them.
-Battletech is awesome for teaching early math (We play a few other simple games like that, but that one was the one that resonated best with them early on). I started playing it with my kids at around 5 years old. Not only do I get to play a game I enjoy, but at the same time they’re at the top of their class in math.
-Read with your kids, not only will they love it, but it also becomes both a bonding experience and learning experience for them.
-And probably the hardest lesson we learned is that what’s right for one kid, isn’t always right for another. Half of being a parent is using the good examples you saw growing up, and the other half is making it up as you go along.
-Take any advice given with a grain of salt, my own included. :stuck_out_tongue:


Great tips. The only thing I’d add this early on is regarding diapers. Accidents are going to happen, both during and between changes. So be prepared.

Oh, and nothing makes having one kid seem easy like having a second one…lol.

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Spoken like a parent! Diaper changes will involve horrors that you can never imagine, things that should remain IN the diaper will find their way to places they never belong. Couple of changes of clothes being handy is always helpful.

I always used to get one diaper ready, open it up and everything, THEN actually start the diaper change. So long as the kid was just wet, I’d sit the open diaper on them like a shield to prevent geing peed on (Something about the cool air hitting that sensitive skin makes them cut loose, especially early on.) And even if it’s a number two job, having the diaper ready will still cut down on the time that unfortunate things can happen. :stuck_out_tongue:

Another thing we did was had several “Go bags” Basically a duffel bag with about a day’s worth of diapers, wipes, clothes changes, extra blanket, all that fun stuff. We kept two bags like that stocked at all times and left them with the car seats, that way we’d remember to grab one when we left the house.

And at this time, I think we’ve hijacked the thread a bit. Sorry about that. That said, if you ever want to ask about things, give me a poke. Can’t promise that I’ll have solutions, but I’ll be happy to share my experience in the hopes that something might help.


Gatekeeper, it’s ok. Helping a newbie father is probably more important than helping a newbie gamer ir painter. (Yeah, I said it. Whatcha gonna do?) Raptor I strongly suggest you don’t try using what you may find in the diaper for weathering, no matter how intriguing the color. (What did she eat to get that color?)


And how did it get in her hair?

I’m a firm believer that family has to always come first, but at the same time, sometimes our hobbies are what keep us sane (Relatively). :stuck_out_tongue: There’s a balance to be struck.


Most definitely a balance to be struck.

I HIGHLY recommend that you both work some “me time” into the chaos. Even if it’s just a few minutes.

It’ll go a long way. Everyone needs a breather from time to time, and your kid will thank you for it.


Before ours started school, one of us would take the kid one day every week or so while the other got to go out with friends and just get away from it all for a bit. Mostly it would just be an hour or two for one of us every week or so.

When they got a little older and eating real food, we left them with in-laws once every couple of months so we could go out as a couple for the day as well. Just as important as that bit of “Me time” is that “Us time” with your wife.

And to be quite honest, it’s a bit of all of these.

They drive me crazy, but I wouldn’t give it up for the world.


Oh yeah Raiders will be a lot of fun too and it’ll be nice to start having more faction armies to use with friends.

Great advice, I like how you say once they become mobile all bets are off lol I imagine their orange ruler movement range morphing into a black one! haha
It’s funny you mention LEGOS, that was my go to toy as a kid and I’ll definitely be playing legos with my little one if it’s something they enjoy! :slight_smile:
I’m looking forward to reading with them too!

The go-bag is a great idea! Love the advice you guys are giving!

AlxRaven good advice, the wife and I have talked about this kind of thing and I’ve insisted that after the baby is born she will take time to have an evening out with her friends in Tokyo or I’ll have an evening to play wasteland warfare with my friends.
While the baby comes first, I’ve seen a lot of couples totally lose themselves and go bonkers so I want to mitigate that even just a little bit haha

I’ll get some more painting shots posted (and the power armor one) in a day or so, tomorrow we are having a baby gender reveal party to find out the gender and things have been a little hectic at home decorating and getting everything set up!
I’ll let you guys know what we are having in my next post, I owe yall one for the great advise; both painting and parenting!


Sounds like you’ve got a good plan in place. I know I went into parenthood completely clueless and have just been bumbling my way through it ever since. It’s kind of nice knowing the things I’ve figured out might help someone else even in small ways. I wish you the very best of luck.

I actually started collecting some of my favorite childhood toys from the second hand stores when my wife was pregnant. For the most part, my children have been able to enjoy the same things I did when I was little, and to be honest, I’ve had fun playing on the floor with them too.

I’m pretty excited about the Raiders. I’m looking forward to seeing their rules, seeing how they differ from Survivors. They’re going to be fun to put on the table.

Family always should come first. A few pictures for us can probably wait. :wink: I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say: I’m excited to see them when you get around to posting.