Models from the Mothership

Starting a thread to post pictures of completed models. Hope I can provide some motivation or inspiration to others to get more models painted and on the tabletop. Any feedback is appreciated, critiques on areas I can improve as well! Enjoy!

Set of Enclave Hellfire Troopers

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Glowing ghouls (1 month into Painting)

Glowing ghouls (1 year into Painting) - not perfect but I feel it has meaningful improvements

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Set of Robobrains - Hard to get that suspended in gel look from the games. Tough to paint but I was fairly pleased with the brains.


Ordered a bunch of scatter terrain from etsy and it came with this soda machine. I figured it was a great opportunity to get creative and came up with this Quantum paintjob. Each button is designed to represent a different Nuka variant. Eyebot flying by (with a custom Pennsylvania plate).

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God save the queen or maybe that unfortunate ranger