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Various painted robots & more

Check out these lads I painted

The Protectrons and the Eyebot were tons of fun to paint. The Assaultron was kinda tricky, due to all the tiny details. I needed a magnifying glass to see what I was doing in some spots. Can’t wait for the X-01 and the Enclave stuff, though.


Looking good! I like the star painted on the Assaultron’s chest :slight_smile:

Also, welcome to the forums!

Thanks, here’s another one I finished a few minutes ago.


And here’s the final Assaultron from the booster pack I ordered.

IMG_1661 IMG_1656
These were definitely more difficult to paint than the Protectrons. The amount of detail on these is simply nuts, I had to get out a magnifying glass just to see what I was doing. They look absolutely phenomenal though. I haven’t gotten the chance to play the game yet, but I definitely would recommend picking up some robots, since they’ve been super fun to paint. I’ve ordered the smaller box of BoS troops, so I’ll be able to see how good those are once they arrive.


Assaultrons are pretty powerful if I’m remembering their stats right, you’ll have to let us know how the BoS fare against them!

Assaultrons are pretty powerful if I’m remembering their stats right, you’ll have to let us know how the BoS fare against them!

Ooh, that’s good to know. I’ll be sure to report how well they did once I manage to play a game with someone!
In the meantime, here’s the painted T-60 paladin from my BoS box:

Even though I use exclusively X-01, I quite liked the default chrome colors for all the other sets of power armor in Fo76. Much better looking than the default blue from Fo4, I think. I was a bit iffy on how it would look finished while I was painting it, but as usual, once I applied the wash it was perfect.


Haven’t played 76 yet (waiting for the price to come down), but I like the way you’ve painted it! I quite liked the blue-grey as well personally, but I’m not sure if I’d do that or a heavily rusted scheme for any power armour used by my survivors (so far I’ve only painted BoS).

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@Alateir (re: power armor paint schemes): I don’t know that I have the painting skills yet to do it justice, but the next time I get my hands on a “spare” suit of power armor, I so want to paint it up in an ATOM CATS scheme. :smiley:

(I know it’s not a canon treatment, but I’d be tempted to try to “hot-rod” a suit of power armor with a few gratuitous exhaust pipes radiating from the back, sort of like a Mutant Chronicles Brotherhood Mystic, only cooler. :wink: I’ve tried an Atom-Cats inspired paint job on a proxy model for Fallout 4 style power armor, but I couldn’t quite manage the right look for it. Plus, it’s a proxy.)

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An Atom Cats colour scheme would be awesome! I’m tempted to try something like the Vim! paintjob, but having a spare power armour suit is the issue… Though I think Modiphius said they were planning a set of T51 and T45 power armour aimed at survivors, so that’d be the set to pick up for it!


If I had a steadier hand, both a Vim and Nuka Cola paint job would be awesome. Unfortunately, I doubt my talent for the task. Atom cats, I think a simple red for the flames might work and if so I may have to do that at some point too.

Pretty excited about the more generic power armor they have in the works.

I plan to make the prototype paint job from Fo76 for the upcoming X-01 mini as soon as I can get my hands on it, it just looks too damn good for me not to.

Anyways, here’s the first Brotherhood footsolder I’ve painted:

I asked some cool fellas down at my local gaming store how I’d go about making the metallic blue tint the footsoldiers kinda have in the box art, and they suggested I just paint a layer of a metallic shade, and go over it with a blue wash. I think it turned out stupendously. I also suggested to them that they should look into ordering some F:WW stuff to carry in stock. The cashier seemed pretty intrigued, so I’ve got my hopes up.

I laid the glue on a bit too thick, so I had to scrape the opaque white residue off after I’d finished. Of course, it took some of the paint on the chestpiece with it, so I had to re-paint that too. Pretty annoying, but now I at least know how much glue is too much.


Second BoS soldier. I placed an order for the box set that has the Sole Survivor and a Mr. Handy, and I plan to paint the Mr. Handy as Curie when it arrives, which I’m pretty excited for.

I also got some Citadel blood splatter paint the other day, and decided to try it out on one of my Assaultrons. What do you guys think?


The blood splatter paint looks good, not too heavy. I like the second BoS soldier as well, well done on getting the eyes painted :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing how you paint Curie! I’m hoping to see an official miniature come out eventually but who knows how long that could be.

I like the blue tint on the BoS knights armour, good job.

Thanks. I decided I’d give myself a break from painting the more difficult models like the BoS soldiers with all their nooks and crannies before I tackled Curie, and paint this vault lad. Took me about the same amount of time as it has for the rest of them. Oh well.

I didn’t like limiting my lad to only Vault 111, so I scratched the number off the back with an x-acto knife. I’ve also omitted the hunting rifle on the back, just to give it more of that classic feel to it.


I remember the BoS soldiers being surprisingly fiddly, haven’t tried that vault dweller though. You’ve done a good job on him!

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@Guy762: I sympathize about the vault number. There are more vaults than just 111, after all – and, besides, this is a case where the embossing really doesn’t help me with the painting, given that there’s a lot of “clutter” going on around the area (the back side of the bandolier going across the number and all that). If I can’t manage to paint three more-or-less straight lines, there’s little hope for me anyway. :slight_smile:

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I wonder if they’re going to have any raised numbering on the upcoming generic vault dweller figures, and if so, which number?

Anyways, here’s my final painted BoS soldier:

I’ve got a real bone to pick with this last ‘charging’ model, since it’s got a pretty weak connection to the base, with the only part touching it being the front half of his foot, making it pretty weak and a bit bendable. I also really don’t like that they decided to cut the back of the laser rifle’s stock off and had it be connected to the torso instead of the arms and the rest of the rifle, because I wasn’t able to get them to line up, even with trying to squish them together as much as possible while gluing. A noticeable gap was still left on the miniature, and I think it really detracts from the whole thing. They should definitely stay away from splitting up the rifle stocks like that in the future. The bent leg was also a bit of a pain to paint, since it was kinda tricky to get my brush in there while being able to see what I was doing in such a tight spot.

Overall, I had a lot of fun painting the T-60 mini, though the soldiers that came with it were very taxing to paint. Lots of nooks and crannies to worry about. I’d say the end result is definitely worth it, though.

After this, I still have a bandana Dogmeat and Curie (Mr. Handy) left to paint, which of the latter I am quite looking forwards to. If anyone would have any fancy suggestions for how I paint the Dogmeat, I’d be interested to hear them, since I’ve got like no clue how I’m gonna do it.


Glad I’m not the only one who had a few issues with the running pose/detached laser rifle… Still, it looks good once it’s made up!

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So since I’ve got plenty of time before wave 2 comes out, and since I’m a bit nervous to start painting Curie, I decided I’d go back and re-paint my two oldest Fallout minis, my Eyebot and red Protectron. I had done these guys before I really knew how to thin my paints out, and as a result their coats were noticeably thick, and were starting to chip off in places. My color palette has expanded tenfold since I’d done these, and I was starting to notice some nooks and crannies I’d missed while painting, so I eventually caved in and gave them a Simple Green bath, and re-did them.

I’m utterly astounded at how good they both turned out. I almost wanna re-do my green Protectron too, just to keep things consistent, but I think I’m too lazy to go that far.

I especially like the ‘chipping off paint’ look I inadvertantly got on the Eyebot’s visor thing. I had accidentally put too much Agrax wash on the top part, and I discovered that you could just wipe it off with an empty, wet brush, with no damage to the paint underneath! A ‘happy little accident’, for sure.

I also tried my hand at doing rusted metal on the little bit of steel beam on the base. I accomplished this by painting over it with three different watered-down layers of some of Citadel’s metallic colors; “Screaming Bell”, “Brass Scorpion”, and “Leadbelcher”, topped off with more Agrax wash.

I couldn’t get a very good picture of it, but it wound up looking like just regular old Leadbelcher, but with a hint of rust on it here and there.

Going back and re-doing these lads made me appreciate how great the Protectron and Eyebot models even more. I’m definitely ordering another pack the moment they get re-stocked. Think I’ll do my second Eyebot as the Medical Eyebot from Lonesome Road: