Melonheadorions figures/livestream

got my figures a couple weeks ago…finally! started getting them put together, and have started the bases. the figures, i have completed as many of them as i could, but i have to hold off on a few as they would be too difficult to paint some parts if i put their arms on, but thats no big deal.

This is my first tabletop game that i have done, and since i love fallout, this game is right up my alley. i am having tons of fun doing the bases. i have attached a few pics showing progress. one question i have is on the bigger one, there is a buried box of some sort, and im not sure what it is. i think its the door to a nuka cola machine? i just need to know so that i can paint it. its the base for the sentry bot.
You will have to excuse the shininess. most of them still have a glosscoat on them, and havent been completed.
i will be doing all of my work online via twitch at if you are interested in watching.

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Bases look very good! Can’t imagine this is the first time you paint :smile:
I also think that this “box” is a door to a nuka machine, so red & rust will fit perfectly and will highlite it out of the rubble.
Looking forward to your miniatures!

Nice job on those bases, very realistic!

no, this is not my first time painting :D. i generally paint military scale models, and my style is realistic, so im glad i pulled that off. i also agree that it is the door for the nuka machine, but found that the door is white. this i found after i already painted it red, so i had to redo it in white. either way, its fixed, and that base is done. starting work on the sentry bot for that base right now

sorry for mistaking you :sweat_smile: I realy dig your realistic style!