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Discordia's wasteland workshop

“People of the Commonwealth… Do not interfere…Our intentions are peaceful… We are The Nuka-Knights !”

Hi guys, i’ll post here my minis. First my Brotherhood of steel, nuka-cola version !

All survivors from the starter set


I love those bright colors, looks really good!

Wow, nice job! Great work on the blends around Dogmeat’s legs. The orange power amor is well done, too. You should be proud!

Lovely stuff,bright clean and great work on the jumpsuits!

Thank’s guys !

Nuka eye-bot and Cade :smile:


Those look fantastic. I like your unique color scheme.

See them on Instagram. Nice Look.
Im a total Nuka Cola fan, so I prefer the red look of the brotherhood guys. :smile:

The bases are great. Just wow…
You spending more time with them than me.
And worth it :+1:

Only the settlers are not my type. Intensiv strong glowing greens (as maincolor for Armour, skin or cloathings) always doing something bad with the color concept of miniatures.
But of you like it ceep it. Even with this point for me they are great painted. ^^

How did you get the bases to look so good?

That’s some great work right there. I hope they release Buddy soon, he would fit in great with these guys.

thanks for feedback guys,



Super-Mutants Hunter Club !

Nuka Fan ( Nuka Cola, Nuka Cola Cherry and Nuka Cola Quantum)


And some 50’s cars …



They look great mate, but where’s the one to represent nuka clear?

Hah, didn’t see the Quantum paintjob coming. Great job, mate!

I really love the rust you did on the car you got to tell me how you did that

Those are really excellent paint jobs! I’m waiting for the X-01 to do a quantum job myself. :+1:

At a guess he put some brown paint on a bit of sponge and dabed it on in selected areas.

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as Hobojebus said, “put some brown paint on a bit of sponge and dabed it on in selected areas.” after, I use Agrax Earthshade on this selected areas and sprinkle brown/rust pigment powder before Agrax Earthshade dry.


Do you seal it on with anything beyond the earthshade such as a pigment fixing agent?

Myself I do a Matt varnish so handling does not cause it to rub off, but my friend uses the pigment method.

I spray matt varnish too :slight_smile:

I brush I’ve had some bad experience with sprayed varnish going misty on me

Love the paint jobs! Nuka Knights all the way!!

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