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No longer content to piggyback other people’s threads, I’m starting my own. As always, feedback is welcome and encouraged :smile:

First up, I finally finished my Nuka Cola Quantum X-01 and his promotional partner, Nuka Cola Quantum Girl!

I was inspired by the poseable (and ludicrously expensive) figure they made of the Quantum X-01 to revamp Nuka Cola Girl’s look to a new promotional partner for the new product line. And yes, all my models are based in a desert theme, as FO1/2/NV are my favorites for sure.

More to come!


They both look great! Main thing I can think of to suggest would be to try and soften the highlights a little, perhaps by first using a less bright colour and then just adding the brightest highlights in a couple of spots? :slight_smile:

The bases look good as well! I personally go for Commonwealth themed bases on mine, since FO4 is my favourite of the ones I’ve played, but your desert scheme works ready well :slight_smile:

I appreciate the feedback, honestly I’ve always thought my highlighting was under done compared to the status quo in gaming. It’s good to know I may have over corrected :thinking:

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So I got to assembling the NCR ranger promo figure, and I noticed the tab between his feet that you clip off says “courier”, and he seems to be wearing a pip-boy. Has there been any word about this and I missed it?

Been looking around a bit, and I found some alternate minis for survivors that I think are a perfect fit for Fallout. As I know there’s a few folks on here that are also looking to expand their models faster than Modiphius is releasing, figured I’d share :smile:

Obviously best suited for those with a 3D printer, but you might be able to find the prints for sale as well…


That desk with the radio looks perfect!

Well, on to my next WIP

Original plan was to have this graveyard ready for some Halloween action, but ya know, life n such :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Graves are all 3D prints of various files off Thingiverse, glued to MDF cut to various square inch bases (thus they can be used in other games that are more exacting in terrain sizes) Used some air drying clay (Das Pronto) to give the graves a little raise. More pics once they get textured and painted!


Silly me thought when they said #Falloutfriday was for the month of November, I assumed the entire month. Se la vie… So too late here’s what I have completed, rest are still WIP

Just a girl and her dog :smile:


For whatever reason Modiphius never mentioned that for Black Friday they were offering 40% off on MyMiniFactory on pretty much everything but the vehicles… Been waiting a long time for just such a sale myself. As evidenced, printer has been running ever since :smile:


Nice job dude! Are you going to print a vault now?

That’s the plan! I have some hallway sections done, but it’s chewing up resin. Eventually want to make a sectional board for each level of the Vault that stacks together. Plan is to recreate vault 13 with Bethesda dressing :smile: I even found the “old school” overseer podium (with a seated overseer) on Thingiverse for it. May do a few small retcons, like a proper reactor room and use the Atrium balconies in the main hall, but we shall see…