Happy Matt's Models

Aloha everyone.

Trying out a few different ways of sharing my painted stuff. When I am comfortable with the interface I’ll start photographing my whole collection and posting them. While they don’t compare to Gatekeeper’s stuff I do have almost all of waves 1-3 painted plus other models to help fill out the wasteland.

Trying out Amazon Photo’s sharing so let me know if Hancock is visible

And here is one the Vault Security models

Okay looks like I’ll need to download the rest and then upload them here. Well looks like I have a project for the next couple days :slight_smile:


And I tried out the In to the Wasteland expansion with Danse, a Tech Knight sans armor a field scribe and an eye bot. Here was the initial set up.

They ran into a Bloated Glowing one and some feral friends early on.

Aside from dealing with noticing that rad damage is scary if you don’t have any rad armor (the Knight Tech took 2 from the Glowing One’s bursts) Danse basically went hulk smash on the ghouls and the rest of the stroll was pretty uneventful.


Until the final potential encounter turned out to be a Yao Gui but it was on Lurking behavior and the BoS was able to draw it out and then blaze away and let Danse hold it while the scribe cleared the last search marker ending the game.

One question I had that I feel like I saw answered somewhere but couldn’t find in the FAQ, do Arm Break effects happen if the damage from the attack was stopped by armor?


Your vault security officer looks awesome love the freehand on the helmet

Seconded on the vaul-tec security guy!

Looks like it was a fun game too🙂

That’s a pretty daring freehand logo on the helmet! :smiley: Nice!

Very nice stuff!

If only I found time to paint even a fraction of my stuff, . . . you’re doing great.

Your 3D prints look great, I love thingiverse :).
With your arm breaking question, I would think the armour save would negate the arm break if no damage got through.