Another dev blog is up!

Dev blog 18 has been posted!

Pictures of the painted raiders and glowing ghouls:


Very nice. I’m really excited about the prospect of getting my hands on some raiders, the models look great. Looking forward to seeing the cards for all of them.

Just skimmed over the Item and Unit Cost List, . . . . Glowing Radroach Swarm, Recent Feral Ghoul, Young Deathclaw, . . . .Now I’m wondering if these are going to be new sculpts, or just new cards for existing models, . . .

I suspect they’re just alternate unit card options for existing models. Which makes sense - a regular radroach and a glowing radroach are just painted differently.

I’m good either way really, I just found it to be an interesting thing to note. I figured with the Radroaches at least, an alternate card was likely. The “Recent Feral Ghoul” is hard to say if they wanted to present that differently. The “Young Deathclaw” made me think of the baby Deathclaws in NV, so I think it would be nice to see a smaller model for those.

Now, for the “Battered” versions of the different robots, I do hope they have alternate models for them. Maybe go so far as to do multi piece models and include enough parts for one “Good” and one “Battered” version so we can choose to build them how we want.

Some very interesting changes in the costs. Most notable to me: Brotherhood got most of their caps shifted just a little bit (hopefully that’ll help their internal balance), suiciders dropped by 17 caps!, and every leader and perk card got cheaper. And a few models, such as Mama Murphy and the Protectron are apparently on holiday clearance now, with costs going 160 to 85 and 70 to 30! Dogmeat went up by a small handful, which seems correct given how good he is.

Looking forward to the raiders, the new version of Sole Survivor, and seeing what the battered versions of the robots are like.