Modiphius Interview. (New models!)

Saw this and thought the rest of you might be interested in seeing it as well. Saw quite a few upcoming models I hadn’t seen before.

Hope all of you enjoy it as much as I did:

Got to say, loved all the power armor, especially the Hellfire armor. Was also surprised to see The Master among the future models. The Mechanist has me really excited too.


Thank you for providing the link! The Master! :star_struck:

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You’re welcome.

My first thought was “The guys over on the modiphius forum are going to love this!”

Followed by “I hope no one beats me to it.”

Then “Why the heck didn’t they share this with their own community?”

Hopefully they’ll make a new blog post to start detailing some more of these models. Was blown away by how many Institute models were coming down the pipe, and was happy to see how many power armor models the Enclave is going to have.

Man I wish they did a close up of the master can’t wait to see a bigger picture. Really love Fallout one and two are getting allot of love here.


Thanks for sharing !
Wow…i was already hyped for this game,but now I’m at dangerous levels :laughing:
So much cool stuff AND an intact Vertibird is coming out!

This is the wargame I’ve always wanted really,so I’m all in👍

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Awesome stuff, thanks for posting!

But there’s still so much I haven’t got from wave 1 yet… >_<

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Another new video up on BoW now too; Into the Sewer. Co-Op game.

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Watched that. I’ve been trying to avoid learning too much about the game until I have the rule books in my hands and my models sitting in front of me. I enjoyed watching the game quite a bit even if it was a fairly long video. Getting pretty antsy about getting my orders.