Fallout Wasteland Warfare Institute are now live!

Hey everyone,

The Institute are now live! You can expand your Fallout: Wasteland Warfare collection with the Institute Core Set, Synths, Covert ops and the new wave 3 card packs!

You can purchase the entire collection as a bundle here - https://www.modiphius.net/products/fallout-wasteland-warfare-institute-bundle

Tell us your thoughts on the new miniatures :slight_smile:


They look brilliant! I love the settlement terrain pieces as well

Not related to the Synths, but since the Automatron Card pack is now released as well:

Does this

It includes robot parts for previous released models as well as:

mean that there are actual resin pieces included, or just cards for robot parts?

If they’re Synths are they really “live”? Do Androids dream of electric sheep? :slight_smile:

It’s funny I don’t recognize some of these from fallout 4? Is there a scene with one in the bio suit?

Also any thoughts on the yellowish face parts/legs arms for painting?

The bio suit I remember a scene where you come across a group of Minutemen who’ve cornered someone in a house. You can go in if you’re working with the Institute and there’s a couple people dressed like that.

For the synths, I’m debating on trying an off white with a watered down yellow wash. Granted, there are much better painters around here than me, and I’m sure they’ll have some good ideas for how to approach it.

Prime white - Use one of the yellow/tan contrast paints - never can remember the goofy names. May need to dilute it a little. I’ll paint your Gen 1 and Gen 2’s for you if you like. Should be pretty easy.


I’ve got two boxes of each coming. Offering to paint might be more work than you’re expecting. :wink:

I’m not promising to have them done quickly…


I was thinking the same thing. Black spray undercoat, with drybrush metal on top, then brush on wraithbone undercoat for the panels and hit them with Skeleton Horde (the pale brown / bone contrast colour). Should be both exceptionally quick and pretty effective.

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Fair enough. :stuck_out_tongue:

More likely, I’ll get them built and ask your thoughts when you’re here playing one afternoon.

I’d do it the other way… Prime white, contrast, then go back over the metal bits in black/very dark brown and then metallic. I never like the way things turn out when I black prime… Normally use gray - but white for contrast and red oxide (chestnut) for rusty metal.


Fair enough - that’s what makes the hobby great, there are multiple ways of doing anything. :slight_smile:

For me, I find black primer to be much better, especially under metallics, and extra-especially when I can drybrush on the metallic layer(s). Much, much simpler and faster than multiple layers, washes, etc, and IME most of the time gives just as good a result (if not better).

Plus I generally like to paint models “bottom to top”, so it suits my style much better to start with black and drybrush the bits “underneath” - i.e. the exoskeleton - then tidy up the raised panels with a coat of white brush on primer, before painting them with contrast. Much like I usually paint models skin, then clothing, then belts, pouches, etc. sitting on top of the clothes.

I think these models in particular lend themselves really well to this approach. I imagine it’d be incredibly frustrating to paint the armour panels first, then try to go back and pick out the exposed exoskeleton bits in multiple layers…

This is not model parts, no.

Its the legs/body/arms (weapons) stats for the first batch of Robots).

The Automatron deck is cards only.

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