Fallout: Wasteland Warfare Development Blog 17

Blog post update has arrived folks.

This is a pretty major update to bring folks up to speed on a few things and does preview some more unseen product.

Check it out below.



Glad to see the dev blog being updated again!

Same here!!

And while the removal of cards from sets does have its drawbacks, and I’m sure there will be some that don’t like it, I understand the choice. And I think that in the long run it will be good for players and the game.

As stated in the article, it will be nice to pick up a couple card packs to have multiples, in case we need them.

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Was really happy to see the new blog post. But I have some misgivings about what we learned as well.

16 Raider models? That’s pretty awesome. I think we’ve seen 10 different models so far for them? That means we’ve got a LOT of neat stuff we haven’t seen yet.

Overall, it sounds like Wave 3 is going to be fairly limited in scope? Sounds like the Raider faction, a few new creatures (Molerats, Glowing Ones, and Bloated ones.), couple of styles of Barriers, the crashed Vertibird, and the new X-01 Power armor model w/armored Dogmeat, and the weapons pack? Mysterious Stranger being the order bonus?

I’m hoping that the price markup isn’t too much. The 30% mentioned (I know, that’s the cost of the miniatures themselves and it was mentioned that they are looking at ways to soak at least some of that increase.) would drastically change the way I buy into the game.

Having to buy the cards as a separate purchase is a little off putting as well. I mean, I always thought an extra items pack for cards would be nice, after all I like having an item/character card for each character rather than needing to share them, and up to this point they’ve released a single card for a model type in each box. I’ll buy the cards, probably multiple sets of the cards even, but it’s not something I’m happy about. It’s kind of like buying a computer, then needing to buy the power cord separate. It means we will have to make two purchases just to use the new models, 1. The models themselves, 2. The cards to actually play them. I also have to wonder how this would affect casual gamers who buy from their local gaming store, some of them might be a little upset if they buy the models, get home, and only then realize they need a second purchase in order to play those pieces.

But that’s just my two bits.

Still, I’m excited to see the new models go on sale. Can hardly wait to put some Raiders on my table.


I agree that the cards being separate is less preferable, but it wouldn’t stop play necessarily as all the unit and equipment cards are free online. That said, as someone who only gets the chance to game with someone else about 3 times a year (and thus needs the AI cards for single player missions if I’m actually going to get a decent amount of game time), having to buy the cards separately is definitely a bit of a pain.

I think in previous dev blogs they’d said they were always intending for future waves to be smaller, but happen fairly frequently. If they do manage to get both the Institute and Enclave out this year though, as well as the raiders, I’d say that’s pretty impressive :slight_smile:

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I don’t mind the minis coming separately from the unit cards. After all, this isn’t a WYSIWYG type of minis game, so you can always utilize a unit (regardless of what mini you use to represent them) as long as you have their unit card. Also, I’m sure people were already swapping out different minis with different unit cards. If you equip, say, a Sole Survivor with power armor, I’m sure I’m not the only one who uses one of the Brotherhood of Steel’s power armor minis and its corresponding larger base to represent that Sole Survivor.


Still reading, but I was super happy to see the cards will now be separate from the minis. That was actually one of the big things I wished had been different with wave 1, that way if I wanted to pick up more of some cards or minis I wouldn’t automatically have to get the other as well.

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So… I’m confused. When I first read the blog I thought it was referring to like the item and mission cards, its the character cards and AI too? Like if I buy X01 and Dogmeat I won’t get their cards? I’ll have to buy a wave 2 card pack that has every card for that wave?
I get trying to make it easier to write scenarios but it seems kind of odd you wouldn’t get the stats for the model in the box with it. I know you can print and play but honestly, for every pack you buy…

I could be wrong, but the way I read it is that you’ll have the same kind of miniatures set for everything as they do right now, but then they’ll have a single card bundle for the character cards, AI, items, quest, etc cards.

If I’m right, looking at the Wave 1 stuff once they restructure the way it’s released will look something like this:
Suiciders Box
Super Mutant Core Box
Brotherhood Core Box
Survivors Core Box
etc, etc, etc.

Then there would be a single card bundle with all the unit/AI/item/quest/etc cards for the first wave.

Then the second wave would have all their miniatures boxes and a single card set to encompass everything. Same with future waves.

That’s how I understand it. But maybe someone from Modpihius could clarify?

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That’s the way it read to me as well. I certainly hope we’re both right. Being able to get every card like that without having to buy all the minis will likely get some folks to hop in since it ends up being easier on the wallet of one faction players. There’s a good number of people who’ve played at demos I’ve ran who just haven’t been able to afford the 2 player set + the faction boxes that would be necessary to build a force. As long as we’re right about all the cards being in each wave box it would now be feasible to build a force with just a faction’s core box + a card pack, which is a bit more affordable.

I still want to get everything (still need the creatures & robots to complete my non-terrain wave 1 collection), but most people I’ve gotten into it don’t want to do so.

I like the idea of the cards being their own purchase.
This could reduce the price of the minis boxes slightly and also has the huge benefit of not getting tons of duplicate cards if I buy multiples of one box. Sure, getting multiple copies of a given item card or even a unit card is fine, but what would I need more than one copy of a given AI or Quest card for?

Just to clarify, we are not raising prices by 30% across the range.

The 30% is to illustrate what we are seeing price rise ranges on for paper and resin cost. Plus we do have to pay all our new staff.

However, we are swallowing costs as much as possible and finding other ways of fixing price.

So far, the Suiciders and Cade and Danse have had a small increase, but as far as I remember nothing else has gone up in retail.

The resin upgrade for the 2P set has been “discontinued” and is now a stand alone product, that has also gone up as it was a pre-order bonus at the original price.

We will continue to monitor costs, but are doing all we can not to put prices up.


Just wanted to add to the voices of those who don’t mind the cards being separate. I think ultimately it will be better for the game, allowing the design team more control.

There is always the possibility that if the community around the game continues to grow, an app containing all the stats would eventually become available. If not from Modiphius, than from someone independent with their blessing.

All in all, I’m really excited.