New FAQs, Cards and Scenarios plus Updated Cards, Settlement Sheet and Force Lists (and more)

Many new files have been added to the Downloads page, such as the new FAQ/Errata for both the core game and the RPG, a series of linked scenarios for Wave 2, the new cards for Wave 2, and more. Also, some files have been updated such as the Wave 1 cards which now include revised cards, an updated Settlement Sheet, etc.

Check out the details on the dev blog which explains all the new and updated files:

Find all the new files here on the Downloads page:


Thanks for the heads up James.

Just wondering if there was still a plan to release a Wave 1 card pack, which I think was supposed to incorporate the Settlement deck and all cards from Wave 1 expansions?

The Wave 1 Card Packs are still coming. I can’t give a release date as that’s not my area and the guys that know are off to GenCon. The Settlement Deck will remain a separate deck as before. The Wave 1 card packs will cover all the cards that accompanied the models in Wave 1 (i.e. not covering the Settlement Deck or 2-Player Starter Set).

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It’s also worth mentioning that some of the wave 1 cards appear in the wave 2 deck as well. I’m sorting through things right now and I’ve seen cards for the non-battered Assaultron/Protectron/Sentry Bot, Ghoul, Rad Scorpion, Minigun, Rocket Launcher, Hunting Rifle, Machete, Molotov, Assault Rifle, and some others. Keep in mind that I haven’t gotten around to sorting everything yet, but it looks like maybe half of the item cards are repeats from the earlier set. I was looking them over and thinking maybe they were revised in some way, but I didn’t see any difference between differing font sizes in a coupe of places (I take that back, the Sentry Bot has an extra ability on it, I remember that being kind of neat.)

I thought that the two extra Minigun cards for example was excessive given that it already appears with the Super Mutant core box and with the Sentry Bot. But the extra Molotovs are nice. Guess it’s a mixed bag on that front.

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So what you’re saying is that at present, there are four card bundles (Once you repackage Wave 1)

1: The deck that comes with the 2-player starter.
2: Wave 1 cards which includes all of the character, item, etc cards that come with the individual miniatures packs right now.
3. The Settlement Deck.
4. Wave 2 card pack which is currently coming with the Raiders bundle.

Is there any chance you’ll ever do just certain types of card? There really isn’t much need for extra copies of quest cards for example, but extra copies of some item cards, or of non-unique unit cards, could be useful to a lot of players.

Just a quick question about the card changes; will the physical cards being sold in future packs be updated? Obviously you can’t change the cards we’ve already got, but if we bought the card pack for Wave 1 when it comes out would it have the old cards or would they have the updated values?

Yes. Whenever print runs are made, the revised cards will be used where required, so the Wave 1 card packs will, and the Wave 2 card pack does, include the revised versions. There are a handful of cards that have had revised versions which are not in Wave 2 or the Wave 1 card packs as they are only in the 2-Player Starter Set or Settlement Deck. All the revised cards can be downloaded as a single PDF from the Downloads section too. Most revisions are very minor.

Yes, although the Wave 1 Card Packs consist of three packs as there are so many cards in Wave 1 that having them in a single block would have been very expensive, and more likely to duplicate cards already owned.

The Wave 2 Card Pack contains all the cards required to use all the models in Wave 2 using their Standard Equipment without printing extras (plus a lot more cards too). It doesn’t/can’t assume a player owns anything other than the 2-Player Starter Set, and ensures a player can use any combination of the models in Wave 2 without sharing cards. As a result, the Wave 2 card pack contains 2 Miniguns so there is one each for Ack Ack and the Sentrybot, and players may not already own the sets that included the Minigun in Wave 1.

Some card packs contain multiples of the same card when their models use similar weapons (e.g. Brotherhood of Steel use lots of Laser Rifles), but this is kept to a minimum where possible so cards new to F:WW are included. (Wave 2 includes the existing Robots plus their weaker versions as these are being re-packaged for release during Wave 2.)

The full list of cards in Wave 2 is in the Downloads area.


That’s great to hear, thankyou for the response!

Hi @WriterJames
Could you verify whether or not the cost of Mysterious Stranger III is indeed supposed to be three caps? I ask without having seen the card because usually the perks get more expensive the higher you go.


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Yes, the MS III card is quite cheap as it allows the MS II effect to be used but as a Reaction, so it adds some versatility rather than extra power.


Thank you James for all the information and particularly for the links. I also really like how you make the changes to the cards, in particular, available as free PDFs to download, as this really helps me (I’m on a very restricted budget at the moment). The blog post with all the links is very effective at signposting where to find everything too.

Thank you. I’m pleased it’s useful.