Missing Wave 1 Cards?

I am completly new to FWW but i already ordered the 2-Player Starter Set, Card Packs Wave 1-5 and some Minis.

If i read the descriptions correctly Card Pack Wave 1 only Includes the Unit Cards & AI Cards → “The set does not include events, boosts, quests or the stranger/danger/creature cards from the various sets other than the errata’d starter set cards”.

How can i get the other Wave 1 Cards (Items/Equipment, Boost, Quest, Perk, Leader, Explore, Event and Wasteland Cards) that were Part of the Miniature Expansions of Wave 1 & the Settlement Deck?

I assume printing the Wave 1 Cards from the PDF’s is no solution because not all Card Types are available. (no Boost, Leader, Explore, Stranger, Danger, Creature cards) . I would also have to print the Cards of the starter again…

Is there a List of the Cards that were Part of the Miniature Expansions? The Card List PDF only includes the Starter Set and Settlement Deck Cards.

In an older Thread from 2021 it is mentioned that the Cards will be included in the NV and Commonwealth Expansion → are all missing Cards from Wave 1 included in those Expansions?

I think it is really strange that the Wave 1 Deck does not include ALL Cards like all the other Card Packs…

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They included most, if not all, of the Wave 1 “Narrative” cards and Settlement Deck cards in the other Wave Decks, except for Cram, my Kingdom for Cram!

as Wittzo said. They should mostly be in wave 6-8 releases too.

Thanks for the Infos !