Wave 1 physical cards?

Is there still plans to print a wave 1 card pack? If so any estimate when this is going to happen as it has been a while since they were removed.


Definitely agree I did a pnp…butt just isnt the same

And even still there are some not available digitally - quests, encounters, etc…

Well, they’ve gotta keep the lights on somehow. If they just made everything free then the company (and the game) would go under, which wouldn’t be good for anyone.

I know they’re planning on making the wave 1 cards available as physical pack again, I assume it’s mostly a matter of waiting until the pandemic comes under control and it’s safe to start working again :slight_smile:

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Honestly I’m 100% okay paying for these card packs because they packed so much content. I managed to NAB up the settler decks before they ran out. The wave cards really do at so much to the game.