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Wave 1 packs still have cards in them?

Greetings fellow Wastelanders!

I recently bought the Heroes of Sanctuary Hills and Frontline Knights packs fully expecting to have to buy the Wave 1 card pack as well.

Lo and behold when I opened the packs up I was pleasantly surprised to find the cards in both packs!

That is what brought me here, I was under the impression that any reprints of the wave 1 packs did not have the cards in them like the more recent releases.

So, was I just lucky and happened to nab two packs from the original print wave or do the reprints have the cards included?

It depends on stock.

We are getting to the point where most don’t/won’t have cards as well through, but due to uneven sales patterns and also a second order of some of the cards, there is still stock out there with cards.

Plan for no cards, but you might get the odd nice surprise.

Core sets are pretty much all sold through, but the expansion sets may still include cards.

Good to know,

Time to buy more packs and see if my lucky streak continues!

This seems to be an appropriate place to post this, since it talks about cards. I purchased a set of Nuka Cola bottle caps to use for immersion purposes in a home-brew Fallout inspired RPG I am putting together with my friends, and I have no use for the Bottle Cap Mine card that comes with it. The figurines are amazing, but it just isn’t something I anticipate my friends and I will get involved with. Whoever wants the bottle cap mine card, I will be happy to mail it to them for free. I would hate to have it go to waste.