Wasteland Cards


So I really would like to have the cards that go into the wasteland deck on actual cardstock, I’m aware it can be printed onto paper and just be cut out, but I really don’t want to do it that way, just my feeling. However I can’t seem to figure out which of the card packs in the store carries those, I’ve looked at them and it just seems a little confusing.

So basically I’m not looking for the character cards or the AI cards that come in the Wave I Fundamentals, I’m looking for the items, events, boosts, danger/creature and etc . . . that weren’t included in that pack. An help figuring out which item in the store provides this would be amazing, thanks! :slight_smile:

I might be mistaking but it seems that you need to buy all wave packs in order to get your hands on cards. Also, some wave 1-4 cards needs to be updated using errata. So you cannot avoid printing if you want your cards to be up to date. I hope that all cards will be re released as a one massive pack at some point. For now, using official app is probably the best thing to go for

The Wave One Fundamentals pack includes reprints of the errata cards and a bunch of the unit cards from wave 1 that were included in the first print of the figures like the Behemoth and the Nuka Cola Girl.
Jon and Chris have said they’re going to republish cards from the Settlement Deck and the other Wave One Narrative cards that aren’t in the Fundamentals Deck or pdf’s, including them in future Wave Decks. I haven’t checked the updated card list to see for sure, but I think quite a few were in the New Vegas supplement.

I’m getting really good results using a color laser with 110# index card stock, they’re a LOT nicer than the cards I printed with my Epson Ecotank bubblejet. With the finish the color laser, they’re indistinguishable from factory printed cards, as long as I cut them out and punch the corners right.