Do not all items have printable cards?

Specifically I’m thinking of the Broadsider and Mysterious Serum here; I can’t seem to find the resources for them.

No, those cards are in the back of the matching quests, and there is no pdf for quests.
Anyway, there are other cards missing, like some junk cards from wave 1, there are some in the downloable pdf, but some are missing, like Abraxo cleaner…
They should release a downloadble pdf with all those cards, because those cards are missing, even for new players, they cannot access to them (Modiphius don’t sell them in any format), and now those cards don’t come with the first model sets

Some cards are only available for purchase in the Denizens of the Wasteland and Automatron decks.

These expansions don’t have free PDF versions, you need to either buy the phyical cards or digital ones through the app.

Well that’s lame as hell.

I mean, considering every other card is free it’s not all that bad.


Is that were I can find the hand-lightning gun and tesla rifle? They are mentioned in the FAQ, but I can find no other reference.
A complete master list of what cards are where would be helpful. As it stands only the first wave of releases is covered.

Yes, they belong to the automatron expansion deck, so no free PDF. Anyway, if you want to look for these list, you can use the app, in purchases section, card list options (from the matching expansion), I use it for that

I don’t have any problem with paying for the physical cards (prefer it), it is the figuring out which card packs go with what minis and such. They seem to have updated the pdf with up to wave 5 releases recently.

Thanks for the info on the app.

Between both pdf’s in the Product Card Lists section on the Downloads page lists all the physical cards released from the first wave until New Vegas. They updated them last May when New Vegas came out. With the New Vegas pdf’s, they cleaned up a lot of their pdfs (and they’re very aware they left out the updated Survivor reference card in the Reference card pdf.)
I was hoping they would have re-released all the items and narrative cards from the Wave 1 sets in the Wave 1 Fundamentals Set. They will get every item and Narrative card from Wave 1 and the Settlement Deck folded into future wave decks.

The Wave 1 deck would have been over £100 if we put all the cards in so we felt it better not to go that route as we doubted many would stomach that price.

We are working to reprint as many missing cards as we can in the next two expansions (Comonwealth and the expansion that has no name/code name NCC).

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It’s not a big deal to me, sinci got all but a dozen of the wave 1 cards when the first printings boxes were released. I’m going to continue to buy every deck that’s released both physically and digitally.
I keep forgetting about the Settlement Deck cards adding significantly to the count and cost, plus there were three core boxes and more than a dozen support boxes, all with a half dozen cards each.