Will we get a New Vegas pdf?

Any chance we will get a New Vegas pdf? or a Commonwealth pdf? Just wondering I will still buy the physical books( love having the tem) but love the pdf for convenience.

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I’d also like to know. I’d like access to the books without having to buy the card sheets.

From what I’ve read on the Modiphius webstore product page for the Commonwealth expansion, it mentions that there wont be a PDF version (yet?). Though judging by the fact that NV expansion booklet has yet to be released in PDF, it might be awhile. :thinking:

Saying that, I’ve read from a comment by a fellow F:WW player that this is also the case with some PDF only content not being in physical version with cards. I havent really looked into the smaller PDF content to be honest, so I might be wrong! :slightly_smiling_face:

Yea this too bad I would love a pdf of all the content. I can understand not printing everything, small business have to make sure they do not over stock. Personally I use pdfs more the phyiscal books, I still by the phyiscal books but having a pdf is just easier. maybe they can offer it via the app? Then they can link it to you account much like the card decks?

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The books vs cards is a new facet of the Wasteland Warfare line so we are still figuring out the kinks.

We’ve not done PDFs as its not “standard practice” for the wargame lines unlike say the RPGs where you do get the PDF as part of the product.

Its on my list of things to figure out, I’m not saying it will happen but I’m also not saying it won’t, but if we do make the decision to do it we’ll be sure to let everyone know.


Thanks for reply Jon! Here is hoping :slight_smile: