Product Idea: Hardcover Rulebook and Collection of Scenarios (combined?)

Currently Fallout is the game most in demand in my small gaming group and although the softcover rulebook seems to be quite sturdy I can absolutely see it going to pieces once the situation gets better and we meet for games more regularly and with more than 2 people at any time.

Does anyone know if there are any plans for a “bigger” hardcover rulebook in the style of the RPG book?

As the game rules themselves fit well into the thin softcover a new hardcover product could collect all the existing scenarios or even offer new ones. Just an idea!

That being said, I don’t know whether such a product is sensible on the business side and even though I am used to beautiful hardcovers (the production quality of tabletop gaming books has really come quite far) I also like the flexibility of the PDF offered by Modiphius (most of them free, which is very cool of them!).

In the end I am just “hungry” for more Fallout goodness apart from the card packs (many of which, as a lot of the Fallout products, are sold out in Germany at the moment) and am eagerly awaiting what will be the next big move for this game. The ideas presented in the recent podcast (“exploring the Wasteland”) sounded like a lot of fun.

Consider multiples of the core box for the rule book. It’s ALWAYS nice to have multiple copies of the rule books to pass around the table when playing. You can paint things differently to differentiate models. and use the unique models as stock figures (Nora as a Vault Dweller or even Settler, Aviator as a simple Super Mutant, Goddard as a Knight, etc), the extra dice are great, extra maps can be useful, extra tokens and cards are nice. It won’t solve all of your problems, but it will help.

All of that said, I thought I saw someone talking about a likely updated rule book in our future. I always like hardcover, they just hold up so much better than a paperback. I joke when buying books that “Anything worth keeping is worth keeping in hardcover.”

Unless the hardcover is like some of the really old Warhammer and AEG books with weak spines and pages that fell out after only light use.

Historiker - are you on the German Fallout Group?

Great to hear, that Fallout is popular within your group…

Hello! I would have liked to join that group, alas I don’t use Facebook (which is why I joined this forum).

Yes, interest in Fallout has been high after I introduced it to a friend who had not played tabletop games before.

I usually am “that guy” who makes people try this sort of game for the first time :smiley:

It also helps that I sorted out my hobby-organization and decided that Fallout would be my second main game.

Might I ask where you are based? I’m in Hamburg.

PS: Unfortunately most of the hobby these days now seems to be organized on Facebook which I can understand, since the functionality on offer is great. What I don’t understand is that visibility / reading access of those groups is often restricted to members.