New Development Blog Post: First details of the RPG expansion

The first development blog about the forthcoming RPG expansion have been posted. This gives some detail about what it is, how it works and how it fits in with Wasteland Warfare miniatures game.


I find myself having mixed feelings about all of this. I love the idea of a Fallout RPG, but to have two of them? Why not a single rule set with simple conversion rules between them? Expanding it into two books feel a little bit like a money grab to me. My first thoughts when I saw that it was two books is: Does this mean that supplements will only be available for one or the other? Or does it mean they’ll be releasing two versions of each?

I’ll reserve overall judgement until both versions have been released and I have a chance to look things over.

Now, with my reservations aired, I’m pretty excited about the roleplaying rules. I’ve been playing pen & paper roleplaying games for about 30 years now and have even run a couple of Fallout themed campaigns in the past. I’m really looking forward to seeing the rule books, and sincerely hope that Modiphius chooses to release sourcebooks for the various games and add ons.

Modiphius has knocked it out of the park with the miniatures game, both in quality of game and presentation (In spite of a rocky release.) so for now, I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt and stay excited. :wink: It’s going to be a lot of fun getting to lay the core rulebook for the RPG onto the table one morning and watch the expressions on the faces of my players.

Assuming it’s a reasonable price, I think two books might be a good idea (the miniatures game can be done single player, while the RPG requires a DM, suggesting a fairly different game even if it’s got a lot of crossover) :slight_smile: I don’t have a group for RPG’s any more so will probably be sticking to the purely tabletop myself, but it’s already high on my list of ones to try if I ever get a group together again!

I’ll be honest, I’m probaby going to end up buying both versions becasue I’m a completionist. :smiley:

I saw the two books as being basically different. The one for Wasteland Warfare is an expansion for the miniatures game to move it towards an RPG, while the one next yeat is a true RPG. I could be wrong on that though!

I’ll be getting both as well, I just think it’s a little odd how they’ve chosen to market it as two separate RPGs. I have mild OCD, so I’m very much a completionist when it comes to the things I enjoy, but time will tell how the two systems compare/overlap.

Why two rulesets is an often-asked question. The reason is so players have more than one option for playing both in terms of rules and tone. Many RPGs offer this like Modiphius’ Achtung! Cthulhu RPG, for example, which can be played using the Call of Cthulhu rules for a dark horror feel, or using the Savage Worlds rules for a pulp action adventure. There are some RPG settings which I have liked but not played due to their single ruleset not being my (or my group’s) kind of game, or used a system of my own-making for it instead.

In Fallout’s case, the two rules systems are very different so a conversion isn’t possible. Whether supplements will be separate versions or combined has yet to be decided - I think it’s rare a GM will run the same game using both rulesets so being in separate books shouldn’t be an issue for most (and it’s nicer to read and easier to use a single ruleset book); however, that’s just my take on it and I don’t get to decide these things. Until the 2d20 version is released (which Chris Birch mentioned on Facebook today is around Summer 2020), there’s just the one system.

I’m glad you’re enjoying the game and are excited about the RPG. I look forwards to hearing how you find the RPG. Further blogs providing more specifics about it will be released over the next weeks. Anyone pre-ordering from Modiphius gets the PDF straight away (which is still being proofed before print, and then a code in the book to download the final version).


If you decide to release two versions of source books, one for the Miniatures RPG and one for the Pen and Paper RPG, maybe you’ll be kind to those of us who are completionists and plan to play both and you’ll release paired bundles at a discount?

I just bought the expansion this morning and have been reading through it. Love everything so far, but I have a question. How would I figure the caps cost or equivalent difficulty of the npcs? Also, if my group wants to port over to wasteland warefare how would we determine caps cost?

I enjoyed reading the information about the role play version and I will be very interested to see how it develops. My only issue would be finding enough like-minded people to play it, which is not a problem for the table top version, thanks to AI mode. I also have much more experience with wargaming than I do role-play gaming, but the book and and character creation sheets look fantastic, so I’ll probably pick up a copy, even if I do not get the opportunity to play much.