An RPG for Fallout.

Are Modiphius planning an RPG for Fallout. wasteland Warfare, or did I imagine it? To be honest an RPG to enhance the game would be awesome.

I’ve been wondering the same thing. My guess is that it will happen, but may not happen for a while. I think it would certainly sell better if Wastland Warfare took off and developed a strong player base. I’m sure that probably 60%-70% of people who buy into WW would probably end up picking up at least a core rule book for a Fallout RPG, myself included.

Fallout strikes me as a rare setting that actually works well as an RPG for just 2 players.

I don’t know if I personally would buy a more pen and paper style RPG version of the game (as much as I’ve enjoyed the small amounts of D&D and Star Wars:Edge of the Empire I’ve played, I’ve never been able to have the time to meet regularly with a group). I assume it wouldn’t be too difficult to do though, given that all the models already have SPECIAL stats, and Modiphius certainly seems to have the experience with all their other RPG’s. Even if they aren’t, it might be possible to use the SPECIAL stats to home brew a system :slight_smile:

you could always use gurps as a framework as that was part of the inspiration for the special system

Well, they’ve been very tight lipped, but in the BoW interview they hinted at story driven campaigns. What exactly they’re doing, I don’t know. But apparently its “Unlike anything attempted before”.

There’s actually a d20 version of Fallout out there.

Exodus RPG by Glutton Creeper Games was based off of Fallout. I’m under the impression that it was supposed to be Fallout RPG originally but that there were some licensing issues along the way. The end result was that they had to redo some art, and through the book you sometimes see places they failed to change out the original Falout names of items (I recall the Highwayman and Psycho being listed by name). Might be a good starting point if you want to try a roleplaying game.

Do note however that there are a couple of clunky bits in the rules, Our group just turned to the d20 rules set any time something didn’t look quite right in the rules.

That’s my plan…using GURPS as the system for a Fallout RPG for my crew. I’m not planning to recreate FO in GURPS but run it as an RPG in the FO setting.

There is a solid fan made compilation of FO in GURPS available:

Also, Phil Maiewski created a hack in Genesys (Edge of the Empire rules with Star Wars IP removed) for FO:

I’ve also run across another FO: WW player that is creating a d20 homebrew RPG, but he hasn’t made it available as yet.

With all the IP-based RPGs Modiphius has published recently, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a FO RPG from them…but not holding my breath. I know with some IPs it’s a different license for each type of game (video, table top, RPG…etc) which can get very expensive.

From my personal point of view, it wouldnt take much to convert and use FOWW as an RPG.


^^ Fallout WW RPG confirmed.

The current rules already make it easy to run WW as an RPG. Even character creation is fairly easy, you just assign SPECIAL points as in the video games and then work with the GM to figure out how many/what level of skills/special abilities you get(I have a few ideas on this, but nothing concrete in my head). Recruiting of other units is handled as role-playing interactions during encounters/settlement mode, if it goes well then you have a new unit card and if not you may have a combat encounter. At certain milestones you increase one of your SPECIALs, but new skills or upgrade existing ones, get perks, and so on.

I think that covers the basics.


I myself will use Fallout WW as base for something RPG. both my sons will start with one character and discover a compaignon in their first game. all games will have a story based scenario and will all be linked to a bigger story. Fallout WW is maybe not as deep into RPG as other ‘real’ pen and paper RPG’s, but it is a very nice and clean base to start with if you have a very small inexpierienced group of players.


I’ve run a Fallout RPG campaign in Savage Worlds for my girlfriend for quite some time now, and the system suits it well. In fact, one of the caveats for me dropping several hundred pounds on WW is that she’ll try it (she’s not into miniatures games much) if I run a third ‘season’ of the campaign! I’ve spent the last four months trying to come up with more plots after I had considered the campaign concluded!

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Mutant Chronicles or Mutant Year Zero could be easily adapted into a Fallout RPG. Though I would certainly rather buy a new game than doing the adaptation myself…

RPG is the main reason I bought the minis.

I’m interested in Wasteland Warfare as a wargame, but most of my social circle is super deep into X-Wing so I don’t expect it to really take off.

Personally, I’m just hacking together a Savage Worlds setting for Fallout. The system is really modular and light-weight so it’s really easy to just plug and play a lot of its bits and bobs from different books, or even to make your own.

But yeah, Savage Fallout. I’ll probably start the table in the next couple months.

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I’m playing a homebrew rpg set in Florida a year after FO4. It’s going pretty well and the minis will be a nice addition to it :slight_smile:

There should be a narrative part into the starter set or am I wrong? Well, I’ll defenitively try to figure out something when I get my copy. Looking forward to the wave 2 - what is Fallout without raiders?

Thumbs up for raiders. And FYI, with your avatar I can’t help but read your messages as though you were yelling them lol

I think a campaign mode with RPG mechanics (allowing more freedom of weapon choice, more items to be carried, having low stat characters that can increase in exp). That would be great, as it stands I love the game as a skirmish game, but there is so much potential with what Modiphius have done so far. I am working on a Tactical RPG mechanic that can be used to create a homebrew campaign that can be played with multiple players and solo (hopefully).

I agree a formal campaign from Modiphius would be nice. In the meantime I’ve played around with a solo campaign of sorts with the plan to start out as Sole Survivor Day One (SSD1) which “levels” up to Sole Survivor after X number of battles (I’m tentatively using 5 battles now as my level up point) then level to the Loner Survivor after another X number.
The first little scenario I cooked up was just the SSD1 w/10mm pistol exploring the wasteland. Explore tokens were listed as either Scavengers or Settlers (ie Raiders) it possible wild dogs. Also on that mix were two tokens representing Dogmeat and Codsworth. Goal was to search the Wasteland (also included searchable items) and hopefully find Codsworth and/or Dogmeat (which would join my side after a base-to-base interact action). After that scenario my settlement was established and I could take Codsworth and Dogmeat into next scenario depending whether or not I successfully found them.
Actually pretty fun so far…

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I would love a full on Fallout RPG from Modiphius. There was a fan rpg back awhile ago that a guy put together called Retrocalypse. It was pretty decent and not at all chunky. But can you imagine, a Fallout Rpg getting all the Modiphius bells and whistles?!? Anyway glad to have the miniatures game for now and am absolutely loving the sculpts!