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Fallout Development Team Q&A on Modiphius Twitch

Hello there!

On Friday the 17th of September, at 3pm UK time, we’ll be on our Twitch channel ( with some of the Fallout 2D20 development team, and there’ll be a Q&A session as part of it.

We’ll also be taking a look at the line in general, and run through character creation too.

It’d be great to see you there, but if you can’t make it and have a question for the Q&A, simply pop it in this thread and we’ll collect them together.

Oh, and we’ll be giving away PDF codes for the Fallout 2D20 core rulebook too! :nukacola:

We’ll reupload the stream onto our Youtube channel ( a week or so after the event if you miss it.

Hope to see you there!



I wont be able to catch it live, but greatly look forward to viewing the VOD!

Q: Does Modiphius have a timeline/date they can share for when the PDF CRB will be getting updated?


Howdy, I wanted to ask whether plans for Modiphius and Bethesda to slap together an OGL-licensed System Reference Document of some sort, or to partner with a supplement publisher (like WotC does with DM’s Guild), were at all plausible – a lot of us have been privately working on our own Fallout-inspired tabletop homebrew for years, and would really love an opportunity to actually publish some custom content for this legendary IP.

Thanks for your guys’ stellar work!

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-Will you publish sourcebooks about New Vegas, Washington D.C., a Vaults sourcebooks ?
-Do you have the right to create a new region, not in the video games ?


Thanks for leaving these questions!

If anyone else has any, please pop them here before 1pm Friday the 17th (tomorrow) and I’ll pull them to a list for the stream then.

Otherwise, hope to catch some of you online for the actual stream!


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What steps have been taken for quality control going forward? The Fallout Core Book is riddled with mistakes and the GM Toolkit doubles down by doing a copy paste job rather than catching and fixing the mistakes. We all know that there’s been external forces affecting things but when people are paying $100 (cdn counting shipping) or more for product there needs to be a certain level of responsibility from the company in regards to quality.


Hello! Thanks for the opportunity to ask questions!
My question is: Why can’t a character that starts the game at Level 2 have any skills above Rank 3, but a character that starts at Level 1 can increase a skill to Rank 4 when they level up to Level 2?

For anyone that didn’t watch the Twitch stream, my question was answered at 01:15:23 by Sam, Head of Product.

"We do have some more errata coming out. We’ve got that logged into the backlog of the graphic designer’s bandwidth at the moment.

We are going to be crowdfunding Elder Scrolls Board Game; huge adventure board game, that’s going to Gamefound later in the year. And so we are very focused on that as a company at the moment.

Once we get that out of the way it’s just a very short job to get the errata plugged into our working core rulebook files for you to get a new PDF. And there will be a little errata log that goes along with that as well, like you had for the previous errata round."