Fallout Fridays - on Modiphius's Twitch and Youtube channels

We got asked for more Fallout on our livestreams, so it’s happened!

We are now two battles into a five-part campaign pulled from the upcoming Raiders wave (due for release in August 2019).

If you want to see them live head to twitch.tv/modiphius each Friday at 3pm BST / 7am PST / 10am EST.

You can also catch up when we upload the battles to youtube.com/modiphius a week after they are broadcast.

Let us know if you have any particular forces or battles you want to see, and also if you have any tips for Charlie :wink:



I will tune in again Friday this week and earn the right to claim another mini… Olva deserves a named brother or sister…


Tune in guys, it’s a lot of fun.


Perkins is a legendary raider. :+1::laughing:

Awesome. Looking forward to it.

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Hello! :nukacola: Fallout Fridays - Part Two - “Uncivil Service” is now up on Youtube!

Yes, it’s Thursday now, but it goes out live on Twitch every Friday at 3pm BST / 7am PST / 10am EST

Charlie is back playing the Raiders, and, for the Survivors, Giles is standing in for Ethan (who was for some reason allowed to go on holiday).

As always, let us know what you think and if there are other match-ups you’d like to see!



Does this mean no “live” stream today?
Ah never mind, the Arch Scavver says it’s on.

There is one today! Definitely!

Three more in the current run, including today’s episode.


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That was a very fast flowing game and I completely agree with Giles’s juggling analogy at the end! The Raiders benefited from their relative movement advantage, but even so, Charlie’s tactics were much improved for this game, so it was a well deserved victory.

I never thought much about the qualities of some of the rudimentary close combat weapons used in this game, but those arm breaks are really effective. It just goes to show that simple melée weapons should not be underestimated.

I’m looking forward to the next instalment.

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Please tell Ethan to rewatch the stream and look at 1 hour and 50 minutes and a couple of seconds.

It’s when Muffet is critting with a quick action to bite Perkins… you can never fail a crit -> unfortunately somehow Ethan rolled the skill die (with an X) which was not necessary at all. Muffet would have dealt 5 (!!!) Damage to Perkins…could have really changed the end of the game…

Everytime I need to leave someone forgets the rules :smiley:

The Fallout 76 community with Chad a Fallout76 story is planning a large stream event in December 14th to the 20th. https://twitter.com/fchadfallout76/status/1324701552439922688

It would be awesome to get streamers with Modiphius involved with it. Maybe stream some Fallout RPG, or Wasteland Warare would be fun!

Not sure how many other live streamers or youTube live folks do Fallout tabletop stuff but it’d be great to have ya’ll be a part of it.