Paladin Danse's Vertibird Stand-Off - Casual Actual Play - Battle #1

If you missed the live stream we did last Friday for Fallout: Wasteland Warfare, it’s now on our YouTube channel.

Make sure you follow us on to see these when they go out and join in!

The second battle they played through will be uploaded early next week.

If you’ve got ideas for a Fallout battle that you think we should try out, leave a comment here.

Thanks! :modiblue:


I’d love to see a Battle of Rorke’s Drift type scenario, with a small Brotherhood of Steel group facing overwhelming numbers of either Super Mutants (melee weapons only) or ghouls.

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The successive rolling of Xs that effectively ends the game in this video has happened to me too since I first picked up the game. After watching the video and commenting on the Facebook group someone suggested I float my white skill die. And it does appear that my die is unbalanced. Could there be an issue with some of the skill dice produced?

That was a very enjoyable game to watch and also one of the most bizarre games I’ve ever seen. In the first two turns neither of you could miss and in the last turn neither of you could hit!

Two things stand out in particular. I had previously watched the video of the battle to enter the sewer where the durability of Paladin Danse was demonstrated very clearly. Here, it was demonstrated even more strongly. He really is very tough, as I think he is supposed to be. Also, Super Mutant Hounds are much more dangerous than I give them credit for. This is definitely something to bear in mind for the future.

Thanks for streaming this. It was great fun to watch.

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