War Budgies Battle Reports (Updated Sundays)

Hey gang, as part-experiment and part-getting a break from grad school (and of course to get new people interested in our favorite game), I’ve started doing Sunday batreps on YouTube! It’s bite-size (20-30mins) and still kinda formative, and I’m hammering out some issues, but would love to get feedback and any suggestions on stuff you guys would like to see.


Budgies for the budgie god


Suit Up notes

Using an item requires no action (you may use one before or after each action) Also Charge Bonuses are chosen when the charge is made (might be worth mentioning which you choose at the time)

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Yep, that was a big miss on the first batrep. Also forgot to add in the extra armor for targets being shot in close combat. Appreciate the notes, it’s how I learn best

Also if you charge the bonus only works against the one you charged so brute should not have a bonus vs bengy when sarah moved off in second report

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Great reports none the less, look forward to the next one

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That’s perfect, I totally missed that! Thanks, I’ll refine and get better as the series goes on

Just wanted to say I appreciate the work you’re putting into making these vids! Looking forward to seeing the progression of your storyline. I liked your homerules for ghoul activation/waking up in the second vid, very close to something I had just implemented not too long ago too. I may have missed it, but are you using the AI for determining actions (supermutants) or are you playing both sides to their best interests?

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That was great.

Suggestion/request… MOAR BUDGIES!

When that little dude landed on the board I couldn’t help but grin. :grin:

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I really wish they’d do a set of ghouls lying down for this reason


Thanks! Really having a fun time making them. The muties are run on the AI for the most part, but I also find that the ‘common sense’ rule covers more than the dice do. I don’t show all the AI rolls because that would double the video, but it’s usually to see if they’re going to focus Melee or Ranged.

Whenever I can con some of the local gaming crowd into playing and being on camera, I hope to rope them in for some games as well

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Ha! Yeah, that was Kit, the Junior War Budgie. She’s usually sitting on my shoulder while I film, but that time she really wanted to get it on the action for a minute


Kit the photo bombing war budgie


If I was anywhere near you I’d be game. Instead, all my battle reports are stuck being text and photo based cos I’d be rubbish at video ones. :slight_smile:


Love the videos, keep up the terrific work!

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Just wanted to say I’m liking your battle reports, looking forward to the next one.

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Thanks for the support, everyone! This week has Nora teaming up with some familiar faces in “Defend the Farm”. Because, you guessed it, another settlement needs your help!

(We did have some mic issues, apologies for the sound being a bit off)


Loving the battle reps but notes are below

Because of careful Preston does NOT get the +2 for shooting into melee

Regardless of how many armour tokens you have you can only block 1 damage per hit with it so nora’s armour was 3+1 not 3+2 also the armour token is removed if she is hit not if her armour doesn’t stop the attack

Reactions are after triggering actions so mutant should have hit first vs mama murphy

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Trying to look up all these rules is actually why this one took a lot longer to film, ha, but here’s what I was able to find out while filming:

  • Preston’s ‘Careful’ ability simply states that he always hits his intended target, and doesn’t mentioned removing the bonus for shooting into combat. I did miss the errata where his Specialty also gives him a straight +2 to his Musket, so there’s that.

  • The rulebook uses the double-strong-token as its example, and says to resolve it as Armor+2 before flipping to the single token side. Kinda odd, I’ll grant that.

  • Mama Murphy’s Sight ability allows her and her team to React before Triggering actions

James has clarified recently that the careful ability doesn’t allow for the +2 shooting into combat and it will be in the next faq

I’ll point james towards the second one as this seems an error

As my cards are 600 miles away I didn’t have mama murphy’s cards to hand and therefore was going purely by the rulebook so you got me there

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