Paladin Danse's Vertibird Stand-Off - Battle #2

Here’s the second battle that was fought between Charlie and Ethan that went out on Twitch on the 24th.

Thanks for all the feedback about these Fallout sessions - they will happen again soon, probably in a couple of week’s time, so follow us on to get alerts when it happens!

As before, if there are any particular match-ups you want to see, let us know here!

Thanks! :modiblue:


That was another entertaining battle. It’s the first time that I’ve seen Paladin Danse fall, but it just goes to show just how dangerous Super Mutants are in close combat. I think that it would have paid greater dividends to hold back with Danse and make use of the range of his laser rifle to inflict more damage, especially given the bloatfly swarm nullified the speed of the hound. In any event, I really enjoyed watching this and I hope that there will be more.

For future battles, there are some models that I haven’t seen in action very much, notably robots and wasteland creatures. Maybe some of those could be introduced as AI in either a player versus player or cooperative game? Just a thought.