War Budgies Battle Reports (Updated Sundays)

No worries! One of the reasons I wanted to have Mama Murphy in this one is I think she has cool rules that get overlooked by a lot of players. Glad to hear we’ll get another FAQ around the bend, appreciate the input!

Another great report, looking forward to the follow-up! Nice to see Mama Murphy on the table, we have not had a game with her yet so that may have to change. Also, those are great corn stalks! Did you make those yourself? If so, quick rundown on the process?


Her Sight really adds some beast mode team abilities! And, clearly, her pistol-whipping skills are on point.

The corn is from JTT Scenery (O scale for the standing bases, HO scale for the ones on the tables). I inked the stalks with Citadel Camoshade, since they come a little too bright and happy for the wasteland.

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and the rest of the scenery?

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The house is from Sarissa Precision (Residential Ranch Derelict), and the game mat is TableWar (Cave Floor). Everything else is scratch built, mostly from cork and scrap bits of wood.

Links are in the YouTube description for interested parties!

seen some good looking cracked roads using cork as the basis

Hi. Great to see Mama Murphy in action, and great video too. You’'re right, the rules state that Armor Boost tokens do stack so two tokens give +2 Strong Armor. (TheOldBadger may be thinking of a discussion in the playtest group about making them not stack in future, but at present they do.)


Thanks! I’m going to have to play her more often, it’s a very cool set of rules.

Hey everyone! Some scheduling problems came up with the holiday, and this week’s Fallout episode will be out either this evening, or tomorrow (Monday) morning. Thanks for your patience!


No worries, looking forward to it when it’s ready!

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RL always comes first mate

@WarBudgies Absolutely unacceptable :smiley: :smiley:

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And we’re back!
Another custom scenario today: the Stand Off! Nora and her crew run across another group of survivors, and things get a little tense…


Love the stand off, could I suggest using Presence for the initial standoff instead of CHA as that is what is used to keep your teams nerve

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Not sure what you mean? As far as I can tell, everyone with Presence uses CHA as the skill for it

in the RPG Presence is used to inspire and intimidate but can be different stats based on unit

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Ah, gotcha! Yeah, that’s good thinking

May have spent a while writing a RPG scenario that turned out to be a campaign in disguise

I really enjoy these videos of yours. I selfishly wish they were longer. 20-30 min seems to fly by too quick! Very entertaining though :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

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The latest two were great, very cool. Your voice for Nora always makes me chuckle. Reminds me of the Herbert Daring Dashwood radio plays.