Raiders vs Survivors battle!

Modiphius’ youtube channel has put up a video showcasing the raiders in a battle against the survivors! Haven’t seen it on here yet so thought I’d post it :slight_smile:


The people playing are clearly having fun, but the video is not to my taste.

I would have preferred a “strictly business” play-through, no laughing and joking. Maybe if they played a rehersal game beforehand so the game would go quickly. I really don’t see how this video is longer than an hour for a 5-on-5 game. Bit more of a dynamic camera to show off the minis would be nice.

Failing that, a role-play example where the players voice their characters would have been watchable whilst highlighting that this is a fun game.

But as is, I watched the first twenty minutes and got bored. The people playing are having fun, but it’s just distracting for me. I realise other people have different tastes, but I’d rather watch a movie. 107 minutes is way, way too long.

Each to their own I suppose, I’d probably find it quite boring personally if it was “strictly business” as you put it. A lot of people tend to treat videos of this length as like a podcast almost, putting it on to watch while also doing something else (ie, painting Fallout miniatures), but I’m sure there’s plenty of other videos out there if it’s not your thing :slight_smile:


Guys, this is just the cut of a twitch stream. So is absolutely understandable that Charlie and Ethan are laughing and making jokes as they are interacting with the watchers.

I think they are doing a fantastic job of entertaining and interacting. Big :raised_hand: for them…


Thanks for posting this here. I really enjoyed watching the game. It must be really difficult to game and engage with a chat stream. I know I would find it difficult to focus having to constantly jump between game mode and entertaining an audience. Charlie and Ethan are doing a really good job. In addition, the scenario looks like fun and it was good to see the Raiders in action. I particularly like defeating Raiders in the computer game, so they’ll be a force that I will look forward to playing against to see whether I can overcome them. I’m looking forward to seeing the next streams.

The video was hilarious and entertaining. I love their chemistry and I love the bad luck Charlie has. Keep it coming fellas.

Suggestion: Keep Raider Perkins going in your scenarios! :laughing::laughing::laughing:

I saw this live on twitch and it was a blast. I recommend you guys check em out live too.
Fridays 3pm BST (7am PST, 10 am EST) here: