Full playthrough video of co-op game versus AI

A full playthrough of a co-op game of Fallout: Wasteland Warfare versus the AI has been posted by Beasts of War. The scenario is 8 rounds long which is longer than most (and co-op games take a bit longer as the players discuss what to do).


Can’t wait to try my luck against the AI!

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Just watched the video and I have a couple of thoughts. The first is it is a little odd that you can have a muddy field then then next turn a down pour of rain, it seemed a bit odd in that sequence. Maybe if there was a way to pull certain events to chain chained as later events that would make more themed set of events that is coherent. The second is if the AI has options between two different dice on what roll, then maybe make it a faction based selection for one option, brotherhood of steel would select green before black and SM would be the mirror of that. The last thing is the stranger event seemed more of a waste of time and had no impact in the game other then to create busy work. Is there something more that was suppose to happen with that event that was glossed over for the sake of the demo?

The easy way to deal with this would be to make a house rule where contradictory cards are not allowed to play in sequence. Like a dust storm after rain/mud , then you shuffle that card back into the event deck?

And I didn’t find the sequence there odd, to me it felt more like it had already rained earlier to create the mud, followed by more rain. :wink:

Strangers can be very helpful if the player takes a moment to interact with them - they may give you an item, heal you, or various other effects. One is a Gunners deserter who wants help and asks you to lay down a short smoke screen for him (so he can escape the area) which blocks LoS and can be very handy. In this game, the Stranger appeared some distance from the players so they didn’t have the time to interact with it. Most Strangers don’t move around the table.

Looks rad (pun intended)!