Wasteland Encounters PDF

This is a homebrew project I did some time ago, inspired from reading all the random encounter events in the Fallout 3 strategy guidebook. I wanted something similar for the tabletop as a fun mechanic in campaign or settlement gameplay, with some added RPG events to spice up the story!

The robber event was my favorite one out the lot, you’ll know why when you read it!

This version of the PDF (the original can be seen on my Wordpress blogsite) is slightly improved in certain areas where the wording or event itself was confusing.

Any faction can use this add on PDF for solo or group campaign games, each player settling on their personal Wasteland Encounter result before going back to playing with the rest of the group, or all join in on the same thing.

Just as I was typing this, I got pinged a summary of similar named post names, and it seems like another user has done a similar thing when creating random encounter fan made ruleset. I’m new to this forum site so I didn’t know there was already a home made random encounter ruleset. You could check out that users version to see if it’s more for your preference in gameplay (I’ll admit I’m not too wise to the whole homebrew rules making). :slight_smile:

You can check out my PDF homebrew rules here:

Wasteland Encounters Homebrew Rules.pdf (207.7 KB)

Any feedback will be appreciated! :slight_smile:


As a first glance, I like the look of this. It allows special circumstances to be applied to battles which is always nice.

I’ll play around with it.

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Thanks! If you have any feedback or suggestions on improvements, let me know. :slight_smile: If a few enjoy this homebrew PDF I might rework it to include some more encounter situations.

I will. I haven’t played a settlement mode with the kids since I last mentioned it. I’m also probably going to restart, since I got the app and realized I was doing it wrong lol

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Many thanks for compiling all these documents. By now there is so much content to dig through but this solved most of my problems :wink:!


Thank you! It’s good to hear that it’s been useful for your F:WW wargaming. :slight_smile:

Link is broken. Would love to see it.


never mind. Seems i wasnt logged in

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