Homebrew Random Encounters

I have been writing some random encounters for our co-op playthrough. Thought I would share them to see if anyone else wants to get some use out of them. Some are tailored more for our specific playthrough so they might need some tweaking. We use the player sheet that breaks the SPECIAL stats down even further to the ~33 different categories so if you see (Test Notice - which connects back to the player’s perception) or something like that it is coming from that sheet. Also formatting was challenging coming from bullet points in word to the chat here so pardon any formatting issues.

Random Encounters:

1. Enclave Patrol! This far south is very unusual. You see two Enclave soldiers questioning someone…you can almost make out who it is. Rumor has it the Enclave has moved into the area searching for Synths. As soon as eye contact is made you hear in a stern shouting tone “Move along civilian!” Something tells you they aren’t going to ask twice.

  • Keep moving → Nothing happens
  • Provide the Enclave with locations of two other synths → Liked by the Enclave but people are less trusting of you -1 to CHA when bartering with factions other than Enclave
  • Attack enclave to free the person → Disliked by enclave and they send a hellfire bounty hunter out, The person joins as a member of the team
  • Negotiate with the enclave to free the person (Persuade test) (1000 caps) → The person joins as member of the team

2. Panicked Synth You stumble upon a synth exhausted from days of traveling in circles. Desperately trying to escape from the institute. Offer betrayal, assistance, or a bullet.

  • Betrayal: Deception test
    • Pass: You trick the synth into following you and you turn him into the Enclave for questioning
    • Fail: The Synth begins to run off (can offer him the bullet or let him escape)
  • Assistance: Knowhow Local
    • Pass: You point the synth in the direction of a local safe house
    • Fail: You accidently point the panicked synth into the center of town where it is shot on sight
  • Bullet: The Synth beelines away as you let bullets fly, try to kill it before it escapes (board edge)
    • Success: You can turn over the body to the Enclave to see if they can extract any valuable info
      • Success Option 2: You can search (search test) the body for valuable parts to be barter with or trade later
  • Success: You find a synth component chip worth 350 caps
  • Fail: You are able to salvage some titanium parts worth 50 caps
    • Fail: The synth runs off into the wasteland

3. Crazy Man Dan What goes around comes around…even bullets. He is part of the family trade of selling “semi-tame” wasteland creatures. Dan has two mutant hounds and young deathclaw! Stan was killed in cold blood and Dan is here to return the favor. Hopefully you can outrun the spread of a shotgun.

  • Attempt to scare him off (Intimidate test)
    • Successful runs off dropping a random item
    • Unsuccessful, he gets the jump on you rolls an extra black dice on all attacks for the battle
  • Attempt to run (Athletics AGI Test)
    • Successful (Both pass AGI Test) you run off
    • Unsuccessful attacks 3 times instead of 2 for his first activation

4. Josie A traveling mod and gear trader known for her obscure inventory and chem addiction. Few in the wasteland haven’t bumped into Josie at some trader outpost or back-room saloon.

  • (14 mods and 6 gear) will sell for half price for addictive drugs

5. Powered Down Battered Assaultron You stumble upon an Assaultron slumped over limp in the wasteland. Hasn’t moved in a few years judging by all the dust.

  • Let sleeping dogs lie
  • Attempt to power back up (robot check) and then attempt to pacify (robot check) failing either power up or pacify test and it attacks! Success and it becomes a temporary companion (attacks for 3 rounds next battle then runs off)

6. Robot Rob – The man has read every General Atomics and RobCo manual ever printed. He can reboot a protectron with his eyes closed. He may have a couple screws loose but he knows his way around a robot repair bench.

  • Has 10 robot mods and robot repair kit and can guarantee install robot mods for 300 caps

7. Glowing Barrels – The distinctive orange and white paint can only mean one thing…Radiation. From the light reflected from ere greenish yellow glow it looks like there is an old military supply chest right next to the barrels. These barrels must have rolled off a military transport truck along with the chest.

  • Clear out the 3 Irradiated radroaches to make way to inspect the chest (2 random items)
  • Stay as far away from whatever is leaking out of those cracked barrels. Whatever it is it can’t be good.

8. Injured Purple Heart You hear shouting right down the road but can’t make out what is being said. Upon moving closer the hair stands up on the back of your neck as you see the unmistakable purple heart symbol. It’s Primer the lieutenant of the Purple Heart raider gang and he is hurt.

  • Can attempt to help heal (Stimpak or successful medical test)
    • Successful - Reward 2 cave fungus or incendiary round
      • Shows up at a critical time to help out for a round
    • Unsuccessful - He dies (see part C)
  • Can ignore and mind your own business [no result]
  • nothing happens
  • Put him out of his misery with a quick shot between the eyes
    • New weapon with a mod already attached (redraw weapon or mod if not applicable players choice)
  • 3 purple hearts show up and attack your squad next battle

9. Smoking Campfire You see smoke rising from the embers of a recently snuffed out campfire. Not sure who was here but they must have left in a hurry.

  • Test (Knowhow survival)
    • Success: The fire was built in a hole to limit line of sight. Only the top NCR Rangers or Legion frumentarii would think on that strategic of a level.
    • Fail: Knowhow? You barely know how to tie your shoes
  • Test (Notice)
    • Success: You notice what appears to be small strip of cloth soaked in blood still smoldering in the ashes. Battle ritual?
    • Fail: Notice? You wouldn’t notice if it was raining or not
  • Test (Search)
    • Success: Find a 6 Legion Denarius on the ground
    • Fail: Search? You’d have to search for your own ■■■ if it wasn’t attached
    • 3 Successes: You deduce this was a Legion frumentarii camp, we should keep scouts posted

10. Settler Fence Looks like a local settler has had a rough go of it. Something has torn a hole straight through the fence and mangled up all the wire.

  • Offer a helping hand (Test Repair Machinery)
    • Success: Thank you for the help partner couldn’t have gotten this done so quick without you here take this as my thanks (Caravan lunch)
    • Fail: You attempt to fix the fence and one…by…one the poles start falling down, you just turned a day’s work into two weeks of work… thanks a lot! Just get out of here look at the mess you made!
  • Tell him you will help but it will come at a price
    • 150 Caps
    • (Test Persuade)
      • Success: I guess I really need the help so no lunch tomorrow for me 300 Caps it is
      • Fail : No can-do partner only have 150 Caps to spare
  • Shoot him and see if there is anything good on the body
    • You find a caravan lunch, a 10mm pistol, and a note from his daughter telling him she loves him and hopes to see him as she will soon be in the area again
    • A sole survivor and her dog show up to attack you next battle

11. Assassin The air feels abnormally still. (Test Notice)

  • Success: Your eye seems to catch a glint of something in the distance…oh no! It’s the glint off a scope…Duck! A large rifle round skips off the dirt inches from your face.
  • Fail: Never mind must just be paranoid…no sooner than that the crack of a rifle sounds out who got hit (randomize who and then resolve and anti-material rifle shot)?
  • Get out of here as soon as possible? or try to track this ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ down?
    • Run: Lets get the hell out of here!
  • After all players activate round 1 next battle another Anti Material Rifle shot (random model), once model is selected test luck to see if you get hit
    • Track: (Test Tracking)
      • Success: You find what appears to be a ranger boot print and a single fired case from an Anti-Material Rifle
      • Fail: Can’t find so much as a single footprint…this guy is good
  • After all players activate round 1 next battle another Anti Material Rifle shot (random model), once model is selected test luck to see if you get hit

12. K-Boom If its smaller than a watermelon and can blow your hand off K-Boom sells it. The wasteland’s best explosives dealer…well I guess it depends on how you define best. As long as we aren’t counting fingers. (Sells all available explosives and mines)

13. Beep Beep Wait…what’s that sound. You stand perfectly still trying to locate the source. It starts to grow louder and louder beep. Beep. BEEP. BEEP . You turn around and it’s a suicider! Where did this manic come from? He is running around in the middle of the wasteland and nothings out here. (Run, Hide, or Fight)

  • Run! – They can run fast but not far (Test Athletics END)
    • Pass – You sprint off with a good head start, heart pounding not daring to look behind you. After about a half mile you turn back and he is gone…for now
    • Fail – You start running but quickly find you can’t catch your breath. No way you will get away at this pace. Turn to fight but only 1 action per activation because you are too exhausted and out of breath.
  • Hide! – Try to find something to hide behind (Test Stealth) all must pass
    • Pass – The manic does two more laps around the area then runs off, you peak out as the beeping slowly fades into the distance
    • Fail – You hear a loud “Found You!” Deploy him red away
  • Fight! – Well, he can’t blow us up if he is dead
    • One player can take an extra shot for getting the jump on him

14. Burned Man Joshua Graham a former Legate for the Legion. When he failed to succeed in battle Caesar ordered him to be covered in pitch and set on fire. He was then thrown in the deepest gorge of the West but some say he survived. Caesar gave the order to all Frumentarii to look for Graham and kill him if they ever found him.

  • Test (Talk)
    • Success: I survived because the fire inside burned brighter than the fire around me. I fell down into that dark chasm, but the flame burned on and on. I have been baptized twice, once in water, once in flame. I will carry the fire of the holy spirit inside until I stand before my Lord for judgement. In a world filled with misery and uncertainty, it is a great comfort to know that, in the end, there is light in the darkness. He gives two Cave Fungus.
    • Fail: I am on a mission headed to Zion, God has not blessed me with time to spare.
  • Test (Intimidate)
    • Success: What is mine is yours take what you must (stimpak or ALISD)
    • Fail: I have been through a lot and I’ll die for what I have left (Attacks)
  • Kill Him – “Waging war against good people is bad for the soul. This may not seem important to you now, but it’s the most important thing I’ve said.” You get A Light in Shining Darkness if you kill him. (Next two luck rolls: Unlucky)

15. Traveling Salesman You see a man standing in the middle of nowhere behind an old desk shouting “Step right up! Magic Man’s Miracle Powder now in red or blue! Supplies won’t last long!” You see several small bags filled with some sort of powder. Some red and some blue. “Can I interest you fine gentleman in my supply!” “Magic man’s miracle powder will allow you to jump higher than a rad-rabbit, run faster than a speeding bullet, and give you tougher skin than a deathclaw” “Only 100 caps!”

  • Your medical training has given you a keen eye (Test Medical)
    • Pass - You see what appears to be abraxo cleaner and med-x ground into a fine powder and mixed in. That’s usually used as a sedative.
    • Fail – You go to inspect the bag and ■■■■ it tears open in your hand a cloud of powder surrounds your face. Hope you don’t breathe too much in! You start to feel a tingle in your face…oh no
  • You pick up a bag and he seems to start to sweat (Test Behavior)
    • Pass – You notice the sweat on his brow and the nervous tapping of his foot. You ask him what’s really in the bag. He says “You know fellas I have to get going, maybe this isn’t for you. Uh my mistake”
    • Fail – You ask him why he is getting nervous “Not nervous sir it’s just this darn wasteland heat”
  • Use powder: You feel a tingle in your face then things start to go black and you pass out. You wake up the sun is starting to set…You feel dazed and confused on what happened and have a strong headache pounding. Wait…where is my gun!!!
    • You lose your primary weapon

16. Crazy Man Stan How many of these these guys are there! Stan is part of the family trade of selling “semi-tame” wasteland creatures. Stan is the craziest of them all! He has an albino deathclaw he calls iceberg! This time he has the jump on you and that laser rifle is going to hurt!

17. Wondering Robot Expert: Hey! Yeah you two can I interest you fine…uh gentlemen in a robot? Great condition! Little unresponsive in the commands department but has a hell of a laser weapon! 100 Caps and it is all yours. Eyebot will follow until a battle starts then fires one shot and runs off…seems to always show back up as soon as the fight is over.

  • Negotiate (Test Persuade)
    • Success: Alright alight I’ll take 20 caps
    • Fail: Price is firm boys you don’t come across a nice piece like this very often
  • Inquire more (Test Notice or Knowhow Robots)
    • Success: That eyebot looks a little off what’s going on with its programming. “Well the truth of the matter is any time a hostile situation arises it fires one shot then runs off only to show up a little after the danger is gone. I am great with robots but can’t figure out how to correct it. Its like it has some deep-rooted override protocol installed. Either way I am not wasting any more time with it. It’s yours”
    • Fail: This thing is in great condition! Would normally charge 200 caps but I am feeling nice today.
  • Draw a weapon (Test Intimidate):
    • Success: Whoa whoa boys just trying to make a fair deal here no need to cause any problems. Look I can do 75 caps or I can just walk away either will work for me. Lets take it easy.
    • Fail: “Wrong person to mess with” draws a plasma rifle

18. This is a robbery:

  • Do you happen to know what time it is? As you look up for one second to get a guess off the sun you see a shiny 10mm pistol in your face. Alright let’s make this easy give me your caps…all of them…now.
  • Run (Test Athletics (AGI)
    • Success: You quickly dodge left then jolt right and run off a shot is heard but it appears to have missed
    • Fail: Both go to dodge and hit heads in the process the robber pushes you to the ground and reaches in your pocket while you are stunned making off with half the caps
  • Fight
    • Roll a luck dice: if unlucky when you go to move the robber fires a shot and grazes you (resolve 10mm pistol damage), if lucky you dodge the shot. Attacks commence as normal the robber gets to go first though if you were unlucky.

19. NCR Checkpoint: Halt! Hands up this is a republic sanctioned checkpoint and resistance will be met with force! We have delt with enough jerks today. The last guy had some stupid eyebot and kept rambling on that he is the best tech guy in the wasteland. Said he is known in the robot business. He taps into robots and wipes their memories and reprograms them to be repurposed. Told us he could even get some robots for us to watch our checkpoint if we were willing to pay 2000 caps. Where does he think that we are going to get that kind of money from? Quick pat down and you can be on your way.

  • Comply: (Any chems are confiscated) and 20 caps are stolen during the search
  • Fight: The NCR is not going to like this but Light ‘em up!

20. Hot Rod Harry: You see a man standing in overalls with a red tool box next to him looking at what seems to be a car that has seen better days. “Do you see this beauty a Corvega Atomic V8 Sedan it was manufactured by Chryslus Motors before the war. They even opted for the fuel cell regulator which was an optional upgrade that some drivers installed to improve the mileage. The flow of power is regulated by the fuel cell controller, which is also the one part that tends to break down the most, usually overheating due rapid acceleration. Imagine if we can get this baby working again. The fuel cell controllers are a tough find nowadays. The only spot I have seen one is in those NCR salvaged power armor suits. Something tells me they aren’t going to just give those away. Do you want to help me try to track one down?”

  • Yes: We would love the help! Haven’t ever seen one of these running!
  • Buy one from an NCR trooper maybe one at a checkpoint (750 Caps)
  • Kill an NCR Heavy trooper and collect the part
  • No: See ya loser that thing is never going to run

21. 2 Drunk NCR Troopers: Hey guys you know which way is the strip?

  • Hold them up to see if they have valuables
    • Bottle of Vodka, $40 NCR, Caravan Card Deck (NCR Infamy Gained)
  • Keep walking not worth the time
    • You shake your head and keep walking…not worth the time and just as you look down something catches your eye hidden on the side of the road between a rock and a bush a cap stash (53 Caps)
  • Follow from a safe distance and see if he passes out then see if there is anything good
    • You keep a far distance but close enough that you can keep sight of them. About a quarter mile down the road, you see them trip into each other and fall over in a ditch on the side of the road. Test (Stealth) to sneak up and check them for valuables: Success you find Vodka and a Med-x, Fail you find the vodka but they start to wake up so you run.

22. Enclave Officer: “Civilian I am busy leave me alone.” The Eyebot recognizes the officer and plays recording “All Enclave personal be on the lookout for suspected thief’s, check with command officers for list of suspected criminals in the region. Two high value targets have been seen near here. Do not try to apprehend alone they are assumed to be armed and highly dangerous. They are wanted alive as they owe us a vertibird” Where did you get that eyebot?

  • Truth: Some random robot repair guy sold it to us why? “I’m willing to give you 500 caps for it”
  • Lie (Test Deception):
  • Success: This bucket of bolts, we found it in a junkyard out past Vulture City “Okay that is not what I’m looking for, I’ll be on my way”
  • Fail: “I don’t believe you. I’m going to have to confiscate it. Don’t put up a fight”

23. Trophy Hunter: You come upon a man wearing a thick leather hide jacket that appears to be made of deathclaw skin. Slung over his shoulder is a high caliber rifle with what seems to be a very high-end scope. Lastly, you notice what appears to be a .357 Magnum nestled tightly in a shoulder holster.

  • “They say a pretty face can wear a dish cloth but I guess you boys don’t fall into that category now doo ya. Name’s Oban”
  • Oban is a grizzled veteran and creature hunter. The leathery skin and deep scars are the words on the pages of a man that has fought all manner of beast and vile creature. He draws his lineage to the Red Stag hunters of Scotland. He travels the wasteland hunting the biggest and most ferocious creatures that can be found and sells their hides to scavengers and caravan traders. The pelts and hides of rare variants can fetch a hefty price to the right buyer.
  • “Hey, you boys looking for a job? A farmer down the road has been talking of a Ratty 3 times the size of the average terrorizing his crop fields. Wants it taken care and called me in to do the job. Mole rats are more of a pain than they are worth…the hide sucks. However, the teeth can fetch a decent price…harder than titanium if you get the right one. I’d do it myself but I heard about a rare kind of deathy up in the radwoods now that is a hide that can fetch some true money. What do you say take care of that mole rat problem for me and the keep is all yours. I have an associate that works for some traveling circus telling fortunes or something…name is uh Z or somethin. These superstitious types believe they have “special powers” or something. I don’t know if I buy it or not but the caps are good. They would be real interested in a set of teeth from a monster like that. You up for it?” (Ratty)
    Ratty: Legendary Mole Rat (3 Regular Mole Rats then Legendary spawns)
  • Health 10…Attack 2 damage…Physical Armor 2…Energy Armor 2…Rad Armor X
  • After any attack bringing health below 50% roll two luck dice if either are unlucky creature mutates and goes back to full health. (Only one mutate possible)

24. Lottery Ticket

  • How did a toilet end up in the middle of the wasteland? The skeleton hugging it seems to have had one hell of a party. Bit too much to drink or maybe even something a little harder.
    • Test (Search):
      • Success: You find two chems and the skeleton is still clutching a lottery ticket
      • Fail: You find a lottery ticket in the hand of the skeleton
    • Keep Moving

Those are awesome ! :heart_eyes:
I’m very interested in the possibility of having the original word file for printing purposes, could you share it somewhere please ?

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Glad you like them! I am unable to upload word documents to the forum for some reason but here is a PDF you can print. Let me know if this works. Happy Gaming!

Random Encounters.pdf (197.8 KB)


Many thanks Supreme Zetan :smiley:

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Wow, reading through this was really interesting and fun. Thanx a lot.

Thank you! Was just about to post a thread asking for the communities ideas based on this aspect ( Fun narratives and encounters during Co-op play). But this is awesome and I appreciate you taking the time to share all this!

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