How do you play?

Looking to get a better understanding of the community. How are most people playing? My cousin and I have been playing a multi part campaign series leveling up our characters and adding perks and new weapons etc. similar play to the video game. I write missions and random encounters in addition to filling in with explore and event cards. I have also done a solo play through of a few missions.

Are most people playing a battle mode like head to head with someone else? Solo play? One off missions?


I want it all so I play 1v1 narrative whenever I can, and sometimes solo Vs AI.
I’m spending most of my time creating terrain and painting minis (Hoover Dam bundle) but I’ll start a series of solo games in settlement mode with (for now) a 500 pts Raiders gang.

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That is cool to have a raider play through, if you are looking for random encounter ideas I have a bunch I wrote up. Let me know and I’ll post up the list.


Ill be happy to see your encounters mate

Co-op or “Gentleman’s rules” narrative vs. with my son. Solo occasionally.

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Sorry for the late reply, been busy and was fighting formatting coming from Word to the chat. I just started a new topic with 24 random encounters. Check them out and let me know what you think! Homebrew Random Encounters


I truly believe co-op is where the game shines in my opinion. You don’t have the “someone must lose for someone else to win” problem of battle mode. Work together and everyone can have fun.


I could not agree more wholeheartedly!

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We have been doing a bit of 2v2 games (and a couple of 4 player free for all games) and some co-op 2 or 3 player games thus far.

That is a pretty cool dynamic to have 4 people. Don’t know of anyone in my area that plays but would really be nice to have a bigger group

Usually playing co-op (Project Lunchbox) with my wife, though getting any Games in has been difficult since having a child.

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Its all about narrative play-for-fun in my household. The game shines in narrative engagements, so we use it to create our favourite moments from the video games and make our own original adventures.

That is exactly what we do, that narrative scenario play is the best version of the game in my opinion.


People here playing 4 player games and I can’t even get my dog to play a full game with me :laughing:
I use the lunchbox system and play it solo, or set up random skirmishes that aren’t part of my lunchbox campaign to try out new forces and builds.
I once talked my wife into playing a game on new years eve while we were waiting for midnight. I asked her what she thought at the end of our 3 hour game and she jokingly said it felt like a whole year had passed. She hasn’t played it with me since :laughing:

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Just getting into the game so running the tutorials with AI. I plan to play solo or coop(if i can find someone) most of the time playing through a narrative campaign at some point. Battle mode mat happen but it will be a once in a blue moon thing for me.

I think one of the biggest challenges is finding people to play with. From what I have seen the FWW community is small but the people who are interested are passionate and dive in really deep. I have one person I get to play with every few months but would really like if I could find some other players. Checked with my local game store and they didn’t know of any players and currently don’t sell any Fallout models. All 40k

I mostly play solo. I am currently finishing the raider campaign and beginning the “Into the wasteland” campaign. I have to paint my NCR and Legion miniatures to play with this wave.

I play with a friend. He bought the 2 player starter set at first and then we selected factions to invest in. Since then I bought almost everything and he’s painting the minis while I’m preparing terrain. I try to involve more ppl in my area but not a lot of success so far.

We have fine community of players, usually plays BM and our community modes with custom missions.

Since day one of playing my first game of Fallout Wasteland Warfare it’s been solo games. Since there’s no local wargamimg club near me at the time, I’ve had to make do with playing against AI. Though the advantages of this is creating interesting narrative one off games, campaign games and practicing playing new units.

Currently I’ve just started going to a new wargaming shop for the first time, trying to get used to socialising again after some years of the global outbreak taking away any plans of wargaming with others. Whilst sadly the shop doesn’t sell FWW, I hope to try and establish a FWW group to encourage wargamers to try FWW out. Possibly a chance to start a campaign too if all goes to plan! :slight_smile: