Narrative Campaign

Hey there,

I’m currently trying to plot out a bit of an RPG campaign to play with my fiance and some friends, I would be acting as the DM. I want them to get to customize their characters, and to have those choices effect skills (especially out of combat skills) I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions, or could point me to some pre-existing material? I’m fairly new to the system, so it has been difficult to come up ways for this to work. I also don’t want their characters to be under powered, but still face challenges.

Would 3 heroic characters be too much? Too little against bigger groups?

Thanks for any help in advance!

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If you are new to the system I would not recommend to play with 3 heroic chars… every heroic char brings additional complexity to the game as you get addtional ressources to track (luck, crits, action points).

Why don’t you start with Sole Survivor Day 1 and over time advance him to Sole Survivor and finally Sole Survivor Loner… this way you don’t need to introduce your own chars (which probably will not be that balanced), And you can have 2 of those - Nate and Nora

To get a better feeling of the game, I would recommend starting to play the 5 tutorial missions…check them out in the campaign book

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