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Large scale campaigning

It’s either going to be a big success or a colossal failure but I’m going to be using the Fallout game for a West March style game with the characters starting in a small but safe settlement and exploring the outer edges of the Wastelands. I think this sort of exploration themed game is perfect for that type of player and the 15 players I have lined up agree :slight_smile:

So we’ll see how this goes.

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Sounds like the perfect setting and system for it. Let us know how it goes!

I ran a PbP Fallout game from 2018-2019 using a hack for the Genesys RPG focused on a group in the Commonwealth going to start their own settlement during the events of Fallout 4. At our height I think we had 24 active players but for most of the time we had a dedicated group of 12 or 13 and it went really well.

When the game ended I told them that there would be a sequel using this system when it dropped and it’s been a frequent question over the last two years as to when the game will start up again.

Point is, if you get the right players you can get a truly great game and if you’re not sure on a location never be afraid to start with one of the games, you’ll have a lot of prep work done for you with minor tweaking foe how the players change things up.

Whichever way you go, I wish you the best of luck with it. It can be tricky at times but so much fun :slight_smile:

Yeah. I’ve really been looking forwward to builing a Homebrew Campign in the FO settings. Once i figure out how to post a thread on here, I plan to share my work of the South Eastern VA Wastelands.

I am running a much smaller group so i can better learn/adjust to the 2d20 system. (big PF2e player) only have 5 players in my game. I’m hoping this system gets continued support for moduels and such.

I’ve got about a dozen players and our West March style game is shaping up nicely. It’s being set in New Hampshire, close enough to the Commonwealth to have those factions in play but not so close as to be impacted by the events of FO4. There was a D&D player who did an extensive document for this style of game in D&D (Izirion's Enchiridion of the West Marches - The Goat's Head | that’s been an instrumental guide as I put together my campaign guide.

Due to the nature of the game I’ve used the travel rules from the playtest doc (and will revise when the GM kit comes out) as well as mechanics for Settlement Management and Improvement using the core from the Exiles sourcebook for Conan (one of my favorite sourcebooks for that game). It should be interesting for sure.

I totally forgot about the travel rules in the playtest. And here I am making my own exploration system from scratch :roll_eyes:

Welcome to the community ComradeCannon :slight_smile:

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I went down that rabbit hole as well, looking at adapting the rules from Forbidden Lands (an excellent hexploration game) before saying “wait a minute…I remember our group traveling and making rolls in our playtest…”


So am I right to hope these travelling rules make it out to the general public at somepoint?

They’ve said that they are part of the GM Toolkit.

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Is there somewhere I might be able to get the playtest rules? That would be invaluable to me! Also, hello - first post!

The rules from the playtest are in the GM toolkit.

Excellent! I must have overlooked that while perusing. Many thanks!

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I look forward to hearing how it goes. I’m attempting to get my hoary old D&D group to do a West March saga.

For my own Fallout campaign I’m not going full West March, but I’m using the threat zones from the Powered by Apocalypse 2nd Ed RPG. It requires a lot less up-front work since you, in a gross oversimplification, you just use a clock face with two zones surrounding the center (AKA Players).

Since my Fallout Saga is called “Vault 52 - the Neighbors of Area 51” then New Vegas would be to the south, NCR to the west, etc., with each direction having a near and far zone. I then just write down the basics of what is in those zones.

This is a lot less work than making the GM map, but I do admit a Fallout West-March style saga is easier than in traditional fantasy RPG - you can use real world maps, maps from the various Fallout and Wasteland games, or even the hellscape of Darwin’s World or even Meriga from Gamma World.