Settlement Rules (Homebrew)

I have generated rules for establishing and running a settlement for the 2d20 rules. Not as hyper-detailed as in Fallout 4, but close enough that if you want to add that element to your game, it’s an easy way to do it with the 2d20 rules. As always, there is a Word and PDF copy of the rules in my folder, along with all the other stuff I’ve generated. Vehicle rules, Overseer screen panels as well as quick reference sheets for equipment, mods and people around the Commonwealth. Any feedback on how useful or balanced these rules are, as well as my vehicle rules would be HIGHLY appreciated.



No crafting times listed. Other than interesting.

I left times up to the Overseer. Much of it will depend on available manpower, etc… Rather than get into a bunch of additional charts and numbers, the Overseer can just figure out what works for their game.

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This is quite nice! A not-too-crunchy way to build settlements, since rebuilding civilization was such a big part of Fallout 4.

Well done! :clap:

This is very similar to what I have been working on. Now my rules will seem derivative Lol. Guess I don’t have to make settlement rules after all.

Just a question; is happiness only relevant for raid results or does it have any other effects?

Dig this. My players have taken Sanctuary and I’d love to build it using this. What size of settlement would it be? Also, in the interest of saving time, do you already have the basic starting Sanctuary Hills written up?