Settlement simple low bookeeping rules

Hey y’all!

I wanted to build Settlement rules that are very low on bookeeping and crunch.
I like rules that are fuzzy to allow some RP and GM adjudication.

This is inspired by Legacy: Life Amongst the Ruins 2e.

So here goes, let me know what you think.

Ressources: A settlement can either have a Need for a certain resource (not enough or not at all), have just enough so it’s not an issue (you don’t mark the resource on your sheet) or have a Surplus (plenty of it).

If a Resource is not important in your game, don’t mark it and don’t bother. Otherwise, you either have a Need for it or you have a Surplus of it.

When you have a Need for a Resource, you must try to find this resource as soon as possible or you risk the residents’ mood to worsen. The GM determines when Mood gets modified but should leave some time for the PCs to do something about it.

Example of Resources : Food, Water, Materials, Ammo, Medicine, Drugs, Alcohol, Weapons, Security, Shelters, Power, Entertainement

When Mood is Good or Ecstatic, Projects gets built faster and new Settlers might ask to join.
When Mood is Bad, you can’t start new Projects unless it’s to fill a Need. No new Settlers will want to join. When Mood is Desertion / Rebellion, people start to move away and some might even try to take over leasdership.

Projects: You can task Settlers to work on a project. A project will either fill a Need or grant a Surplus if the resource isn’t a Need already. The project can also grant benefits to the PCs, once per session, when they visit.
Work with the GM to determine the needed Resources to build the project, the time it takes and the benefit it grants.


  • Ammo crafting table: Once per session, when the PCs visit, grant 6CD worth of 1 type of ammo to each PC.
  • Brahmin Herd: Fills the Need for Food for up to 6 settlers.
  • Scrap Walls: Fills the need for Security.
  • Nurse Ms. Gutsy: Heals visiting PC at twice the normal rate.
  • Large Water Filter: Grants Surplus of Water if the settlement has no Need for Power.

Settlement Sheet:

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Dadgum, I looked it up on DriveThruRPG and got a “You Own This Title”. I don’t remember that. It might have been a Humble Bundle. :slight_smile:
Good call, btw. That could very easily be used in the Wasteland Warfare Settlement system to give players extra motive, making their Settlements more life like.